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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day!

Cabin fever is starting to set in. I'm on day two of being snowed in. It really stinks when you live in the middle of nowhere and no one comes to plow your dirt roads that are like ice skating rinks. I have absolutely nothing to do today so I thought I'd bring you up to date on my blog.

We spent Valentine's Day in Dallas at Top Golf with my best friend and her husband. It was our first time to go and we had a blast. We played two rounds of golf, two rounds of put-put, and hit the batting cages. The food was delicious and it was a wonderful date night.

The next day we headed to my home town to visit our friends that were in town from Houston. We also spent the following day car shopping and guess what....WE BOUGHT A CAR! We were in desperate need of a reliable car with as much driving as we were doing. We were both still driving cars that were bought for us in college and had almost 200,000+ miles on them. Since we didn't have a car payment, we were planning on driving them till the wheels fell off. Well, the wheels had pretty much fallen off so we bit the bullet and bought a new one.
Happy Valentine's Day to us! We bought a 2009 Chevy Equinox. She looked shiny and pretty for all of a day. Now she is sitting in my driveway covered in red mud and dirty snow and I haven't driven her since I brought her home.

That's pretty much all the exciting news I have for right now. Other than that, I've just been busy making orders for my Etsy shop. Here are the latest items I've created and added to the shop.

I pretty much come home and work on a new order every night during the week so I haven't had time for much else, hence the lack of blogging and my failure on the 52 week hand lettering project.

I celebrated my best friend's birthday this weekend. She had been wanting a chalkboard easel to put on her front porch and write different things on for the holidays, seasons, special events, etc. I found one heck of a deal on a chalkboard easel at Kirklands and couldn't pass it up. They are only $25 and I'm sure they will go fast...I'm hoping they still have some next time I go because I'd like to have one for myself. Here's a picture of how I decorated the board (thank you Pinterest for the idea). Since Easter is around the corner, I thought I'd make the back side Easterish. This will have to suffice for my hand lettering project for the month.

Here's to wishing the snow will melt and Spring will show up soon! It's my most favorite time of the year :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Lately

January has been a wonderful month in our household. We managed to stay in town all four weekends and we literally had nothing on our calendar. I cannot tell you how nice and relaxing it was.
On the cold days and evenings we took advantage of some snuggle time with Samson.

When the weather was beautiful, we took advantage of being outdoors and exploring.

Aaron got a kayak a few weeks ago so we tested it out for the first time in our backyard pond. My plan is to buy a kayak for my birthday so we both have one. I forsee a lot of kayaking float trips in our future this summer. 

We also spent a Sunday afternoon walking and exploring a nearby lake. It is such a pretty lake...the water was so blue and clean. We will definitely be spending a lot of time here this summer camping.

We had two new visitors at the Love Shack in January.
My friend Stephanie came to visit. We went out to dinner and then to a monster truck rally. I've always wanted to go to one just to see what it was like. This was a very weak show and wasn't near as cool as I thought it would be, but I must say, we were way too close to those huge trucks and there were times when I got a little nervous. 
My friend Beth also came to visit. We hung out at the house for a while just catching up and then we went out to a local casino and had dinner at a sports bar inside the casino. Thanks for coming to see us Steph & Beth. We loved having you!

I've been busy in the evenings working on new items for my Etsy shop and getting orders made and shipped. These are the newest items that I've added to my shop

I am still really loving my new job. It is a little bit dangerous though because I am around hair and beauty products all day long so I'm constantly wanting to buy new products and try them out. Essie just came out with a new color line and this is the color Suite Retreat. I had to buy it yesterday and I love it!! It's a pretty periwinkle color that makes me excited for spring.

I got behind on my weekly hand lettering project with Pen and Peplum so I'm going to share week 3 and 4 with you at the same time. 
 Week 3 Prompt: One thing to do more often
Week 4 Prompt: A Summer Memory

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Hope you guys have fun watching the game, or not watching the game and stuffing your face with yummy snacks ;)