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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Person's Junk Is Another One's Treasure....

My best friend and I went antique/thrift store shopping last week. We nearly spent the whole afternoon shopping. Here are a few of the treasures I found.

I found this wooden piece at a thrift store. They were asking $5 for it, but they had all their furniture marked 25% off so I got it for around $3.50....BARGAIN. From the moment I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I'm going to find baskets, similar to the picture below to put in the top two cubby holes and baskets for the bottom as well. I think it will go perfect in my craft room someday :) I'm not quite sure yet what color I'll paint the wood....any suggestions?I also found this tin bucket. It was a little bit pricier than what I would have liked to pay for it. The man wanted $20 for it. I tried to bargain with him and get it down to $15, but he wasn't having it. He said it's an antique and most people would have charged way more for it. I decided to buy it. I'm glad I did because the next antique store we went to had one almost just like was a little bit cleaner and more fixed up, but they were asking $120 for it...ridiculous if you ask me. I'm planning on using it for cold drinks at parties and showers (see picture below). At first I thought I wanted to spray paint it, but I'm really starting to like the antique look it has. I think I will just give it a good cleaning and find vinyl letters that say cold drinks....or maybe spray paint cold drinks. I also bought this picture for my boyfriend, Aaron. He loves fishing and I thought it was pretty cute/funny. I figured it would go good in a frame in his man cave someday. DISCLAIMER: none of the above things listed on the picture apply to me, other than being able to clean...YIKES! He still loves me though ;) I always show him all the treasures I find. Most of the time he thinks that I'm crazy for buying a bunch of junk, hence the title of this post. Most of the so-called "junk" that I buy he would rather not go in his house someday. He told me the other day he's going to start doing exactly what I'm doing and buy everything he sees that he likes and wants to go in his house. At least I'm trying to incorporate his taste in some of it :/

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Precious Pups!

For those family members and friends who were worried about us in the storms today, we are safe. Thank you for texting/calling to check up on us. I'm so thankful it missed us, but praying for those families who weren't as fortunate. I was stuck at work and took cover in the break room at the mall, my mom and dad had their mattresses and helmets ready and took cover in their closet, and Trevor went to a building on the OU campus to take cover. Funny story- Trevor asked if I had a plan in case a tornado were to hit. I had no idea where I would go in our house so I asked what his plan was. He said he would recommend that I take cover in his bedroom closet and put the dogs in the hall closet. He then said that if there was more than one person home than we would leave the dogs out in the house and put the other people in the hall closet. Then I asked what we would do if all of us were home at once. Trevor's reply was, "well, then we'll just rock paper scissor for the closets." AWESOME! I was very worried at work today about how the dogs were doing and where they were when the storm hit. Before Trevor went to take cover at OU he put both the dogs in his bedroom closet with a bone. Much to our surprise, when we got home this evening, there they were sitting exactly as he left them in the closet. They were in there for more than an hour. Poor pups. He said they both just looked up at him like what in the heck are we doing in here. We sure do love our dogs and want to make sure they stay safe in the storms too! ...and because every post is better with pictures, here are a few pics of Samson & Harris at the lake. Aaron and I took them out there on Monday to swim and play fetch. They loved every minute of it.

Silverware Starburst Mirror

I mentioned earlier that I've been wanting to make a silverware starburst mirror for a while now. Using the tutorial from here, I finally made my own. It was super easy and probably took about 20 minutes to make. The total cost of the mirror was $11....SCORE!First, I found this basket of silverware at an antique store for $5. Then, I found this round mirror from Hobby Lobby for $6.

Lastly, I used a hot glue gun to glue the silverware to the mirror. I glued the silverware directly to the back of the mirror and then glued a piece of cardboard to the back for extra hold. Not quite sure yet how I will hang it, which is why my hands are holding it up in the picture. Not real worried about figuring out a way to hang it yet, because my roommate (brother) probably won't allow it to hang on the wall anyway. He thinks it's a pretty stupid idea. I happen to LOVE it. Can't wait to hang it in my kitchen someday!

New Onesies!

Here are a few pictures of the newest onesies that I've made. I'm finally caught up on all the orders....YAY!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makes Perfect Scents!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite smell good products that I've been using lately. I love all things that smell pretty. Here are a few of my current favorites that I highly recommend you try out. I just bought my first Voluspa candle this week. I've seen them a lot in boutiques and I always love the way they smell, but I'm a cheap-o and I don't like to spend over $10-$15 for a candle. When I smelt the Voluspa candle in Saijo Persimmon, I couldn't resist. It was $16, which is more than I like to spend, but I'm so glad I bought it because it's magnificent.

Tyler Candle Co. makes "Glamorous Wash" laundry detergent and boy does it smell glamorous. My aunt bought me some as a gift and I used it to wash my sheets and towels and it made my whole bedroom smell fabulous. I have it in the scent Diva, which is one of their most popular fragrances, but I think you can get it in almost every one. You should try it....I promise you'll be hooked.

I've been wearing Lady Primrose's perfume called Tryst since I got it as a Christmas gift and I love it. It kind of smells like Brighton's, Laugh. It's very strong at first and kind of smells old ladyish if you know what I mean, but that smell wears off pretty quick and then it smells sooo good! LOVE IT!

I got a Victoria's Secret gift card from a friend for my birthday and this is what I bought with it. You can get a set of three for $15. I bought "Good Day Sunshine." It's a mix of peach and freesia and it smells sooo good.

Niven Morgan Gold....need I say more? If you haven't smelt this stuff, you're missing out. I'm obsessed! My best friend introduced it to me first. She was obsessed with it too so I bought her the hand lotion for Christmas. Then, my mom got some as a gift and she uses it in her guest bathroom. Every time I'm at her house, that's the bathroom I use so that I can wash my hands with it. Recently, my wonderful Aunt Debra bought me my own set as a gift (along with the laundry detergent). Thanks Deb, I love it! I told my roommates (they're boys) that they were not allowed to touch it because it smells girly and it can't be wasted on them. :)

Each and every one of these products are well worth the moolah spent!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lake!

I'm so ready for summer and lake season! This week I got a little taste of what this summer will be like. I went to visit Aaron and we spent the day at the lake. It was so relaxing. We took his brother's boat out and the boys fished while I laid out. The water was FREEZING, but that didn't keep us from getting in. That evening we went out to his friend's dock and built a campfire and hung out. It was exactly what I needed on my day off :)We could stand to get a little sun don't ya think? Aaron and Brian fishing The campfireSitting by the fireBrian decided to play baseball with a firework. Can you see the sparks from the firework?

Antique Finds!

Last week my mom and I both had off so we went antique shopping in the city. Here are a few of the treasures I found.
I fell in love with this blue vase. I had the perfect flowers in mind to put in it, but I couldn't figure out what the flowers were called and they didn't sell them at Hobby Lobby. I googled the flowers and they're called Billy Balls....silly name! Here's a picture of the Billy Balls. Wouldn't those look adorable in that blue vase? I cannot find them anywhere, so if you see some, please let me know where. I found some yellow flowers at Michael's that I put in the vase...I guess they'll have to work for now.I've started a teacup and saucer collection recently. When our book club read "Three Cups of Tea" we had a tea party at the hostess' house and she had mismatched china. Each piece was different and they were all so cute. I thought that was a fun idea. I've never really been interested in registering for china when i get married, but I wanted some so that I could pass it down to my children one day. My collection is very small right now, but I look for teacups and saucers every time I go antique shopping. My mom spotted this set and I just had to get it. Isn't it really cute? We also found this cup and saucer that I bought. I currently have about 5 different sets. Not sure how many I plan to buy. I can't wait until I get my own house so I can display my china and cake stands in a cute hutch :) I found this little wire basket filled with silverware for $5.00. This is what I plan to do with them.

Won't this be darling hanging in my kitchen someday? I can't wait to make it.

Picture source: Flamingo Toes, you can view her tutorial here.

I can't remember where I saw this idea, but I think it's a great idea. You buy a place mat that is double sided and sewn together and your rip the stitching out on one side. Then, you stuff the middle with cotton and sew the seam back together and viola, you have a pillow! You could also cut the place mats into different shapes and make multiple pillows. I've been seeing a bunch of cute place mats lately so when I see them I usually buy them. All of the ones I've bought have been under $3. Can't beat a $3 pillow. None of the prints match my decor in my room, but I figure if I don't use them, I can sell them or give them as gifts. Here are the place mats that I bought. I found them at Stein Mart and World Market.

I'm starting to really, really LOVE stripes! I've always wanted to paint my nails black and white stripped so today I did. That's what happens when I'm off work and bored on a rainy day. I get urges to do really random things. While I was at Wal-Mart I picked up Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in white.
Here's what the pen looks like. Those aren't my nails pictured above, but those are my nails pictured below. I know, my stripes are a little shaky, but once I get more practice maybe they'll look neater. I want to try and do a chevron pattern with mint green and white.