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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makes Perfect Scents!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite smell good products that I've been using lately. I love all things that smell pretty. Here are a few of my current favorites that I highly recommend you try out. I just bought my first Voluspa candle this week. I've seen them a lot in boutiques and I always love the way they smell, but I'm a cheap-o and I don't like to spend over $10-$15 for a candle. When I smelt the Voluspa candle in Saijo Persimmon, I couldn't resist. It was $16, which is more than I like to spend, but I'm so glad I bought it because it's magnificent.

Tyler Candle Co. makes "Glamorous Wash" laundry detergent and boy does it smell glamorous. My aunt bought me some as a gift and I used it to wash my sheets and towels and it made my whole bedroom smell fabulous. I have it in the scent Diva, which is one of their most popular fragrances, but I think you can get it in almost every one. You should try it....I promise you'll be hooked.

I've been wearing Lady Primrose's perfume called Tryst since I got it as a Christmas gift and I love it. It kind of smells like Brighton's, Laugh. It's very strong at first and kind of smells old ladyish if you know what I mean, but that smell wears off pretty quick and then it smells sooo good! LOVE IT!

I got a Victoria's Secret gift card from a friend for my birthday and this is what I bought with it. You can get a set of three for $15. I bought "Good Day Sunshine." It's a mix of peach and freesia and it smells sooo good.

Niven Morgan Gold....need I say more? If you haven't smelt this stuff, you're missing out. I'm obsessed! My best friend introduced it to me first. She was obsessed with it too so I bought her the hand lotion for Christmas. Then, my mom got some as a gift and she uses it in her guest bathroom. Every time I'm at her house, that's the bathroom I use so that I can wash my hands with it. Recently, my wonderful Aunt Debra bought me my own set as a gift (along with the laundry detergent). Thanks Deb, I love it! I told my roommates (they're boys) that they were not allowed to touch it because it smells girly and it can't be wasted on them. :)

Each and every one of these products are well worth the moolah spent!!

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  1. GOLD...i love it! tell lori only special guest can wash their hands & use the lotion hahah!