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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Antique Finds!

Last week my mom and I both had off so we went antique shopping in the city. Here are a few of the treasures I found.
I fell in love with this blue vase. I had the perfect flowers in mind to put in it, but I couldn't figure out what the flowers were called and they didn't sell them at Hobby Lobby. I googled the flowers and they're called Billy Balls....silly name! Here's a picture of the Billy Balls. Wouldn't those look adorable in that blue vase? I cannot find them anywhere, so if you see some, please let me know where. I found some yellow flowers at Michael's that I put in the vase...I guess they'll have to work for now.I've started a teacup and saucer collection recently. When our book club read "Three Cups of Tea" we had a tea party at the hostess' house and she had mismatched china. Each piece was different and they were all so cute. I thought that was a fun idea. I've never really been interested in registering for china when i get married, but I wanted some so that I could pass it down to my children one day. My collection is very small right now, but I look for teacups and saucers every time I go antique shopping. My mom spotted this set and I just had to get it. Isn't it really cute? We also found this cup and saucer that I bought. I currently have about 5 different sets. Not sure how many I plan to buy. I can't wait until I get my own house so I can display my china and cake stands in a cute hutch :) I found this little wire basket filled with silverware for $5.00. This is what I plan to do with them.

Won't this be darling hanging in my kitchen someday? I can't wait to make it.

Picture source: Flamingo Toes, you can view her tutorial here.

I can't remember where I saw this idea, but I think it's a great idea. You buy a place mat that is double sided and sewn together and your rip the stitching out on one side. Then, you stuff the middle with cotton and sew the seam back together and viola, you have a pillow! You could also cut the place mats into different shapes and make multiple pillows. I've been seeing a bunch of cute place mats lately so when I see them I usually buy them. All of the ones I've bought have been under $3. Can't beat a $3 pillow. None of the prints match my decor in my room, but I figure if I don't use them, I can sell them or give them as gifts. Here are the place mats that I bought. I found them at Stein Mart and World Market.

I'm starting to really, really LOVE stripes! I've always wanted to paint my nails black and white stripped so today I did. That's what happens when I'm off work and bored on a rainy day. I get urges to do really random things. While I was at Wal-Mart I picked up Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in white.
Here's what the pen looks like. Those aren't my nails pictured above, but those are my nails pictured below. I know, my stripes are a little shaky, but once I get more practice maybe they'll look neater. I want to try and do a chevron pattern with mint green and white.

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