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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Lot to be Excited About.....

#1. My best friend from college came and stayed with me last night because she had a job interview this morning with a marketing company in OKC. She has been looking for jobs in the area since she graduated in May. I was so excited when I heard she wanted to find a job in OKC and move here. We had a great visit last night and this all caught up on the latest in each other's lives. Not long after her interview she called me squealing because SHE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! She will be moving to the area in Sept! I'm so excited I can't even stand it. Ever since she called, I've been thinking about all the fun things we are going to be able to do together again that I've missed so much.......bachelor/bachelorette watch parties, hanging out in Bricktown, holiday parties, going to church, slumber parties, double dates, shopping, and the list goes on! Congrats, excited for you! Hurry up and move here!

#2. Happy 24th Birthday to my close friend Beth! We will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow night, can't wait! Hope your 24th birthday and 24th year of life is all that you've wished for!
#3. Opening weekend for college football! So excited for watch parties and hopefully this year I can attend a home game/tailgates instead of working (we'll see :/) One of my favorite things about OU home games is that I can wear jeans on Fri and Sat to work with an OU shirt...makes me happy :) In preparation for college football, I've been making some of these.

WOO PIG SOOIE...for the Arkansas Razorback fans out there!

GO POKES....for the Oklahoma State Cowboys fans out there.

#4. My precious cousin, Blondell (pictured on the left) and her boyfriend Kyron got engaged this week! YAY! So excited for you guys are too cute! Props to Kyron on a sweet proposal story. #5. As if I don't have enough weddings to attend this upcoming year, my Uncle Pete added another one to the list, haha I kid! Congratulations to my Uncle Pete and his new fiance Brenda on their engagement. You guys look so happy together and seem to be a wonderful match. Very happy for the both of you!

#6. Marcus (my best guy friend) will be home for a week from Seattle! Can't wait to spend as much time as possible while he's here visiting! We have a lot of lost time to make up for :)

#7. In exactly 9 days my childhood friend, Megan will be come Mrs. Devours!! I'm beyond excited for all the wedding festivities coming up next week and can't wait to see Megan as a beautiful bride. Guess I better get to working on my maid-of-honor speech. I've never had to give one before, so I'm not quite sure where to start..YIKES. So many memories and years to fit into such a small amount of time!

#8. Unfortunately, I have to work on Labor Day so I won't be doing anything exciting, but I have the Sunday before Labor Day off and I'm going on a mini road trip for the day to see this precious girl and her momma! I got to see her when she was a few weeks old so I'm sure she's grown a bunch and changed a lot.

I'll also be seeing my good friend Jessie while on that road trip! Might as well kill two birds with one stone! Can't wait to hear all about your new lifestyle of going from a city girl in Houston to the small country side in OK.
#9. Last, but DEFINITELY NOT least, in two weeks Allie and I will be traveling to the great state of Arkansas to spend some much needed girlfriend time with these BEAUTS! Boy, are we going to have some fun and celebrate Allison's new job. We all have a lot of catching up to do! Last time I saw them was back in January....I'm way overdue!

That pretty much sums up what's going on in my life! I realize if you counted the number of times I used CAN'T WAIT and SO EXCITED in this post it would be a ridiculously high number, but honestly, I don't care because I meant every last one of them.

I'm praying that I will have more good news for you coming up soon. Aaron (my boyfriend) had an interview for an internship with the OK Wildlife Department last week. If he gets the position he will be relocating to the Edmond/Arcadia area and will be so much closer to me! Please keep him in your prayers as he's had a tough time finding a job in this economy. I would be the happiest girl ever if he got a job so close!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

PePe Le Pew, I HATE YOU!

Once you read this story, you'll understand the title of this post a little better. It's been a while since the last time I posted because I've been busy moving. I moved back in with my parents this week because my brother is getting married soon so I had to move out of his house and decided to live with my parents for the time being and save some money. Moving along with me was my huge dog, Samson. That's a little bit of a preface for the story. Tonight my mom and I decided to do some crafting and hang crown molding around my bathroom mirror. Here's a picture of the crown molding we bought from a garage sale for $6.00.

Here's the bathroom mirror before....
and here's the finished product. As we're busy gluing and holding the crown molding into place, we begin to smell this...And it was extremely potent and strong. Right at that moment, we both remembered that my mom had just let my dog out to use the bathroom. She immediately ran to the back door and let him in. Seconds later we both knew it was too late and he had already been sprayed by the skunk. It was AWFUL! Frantic and not knowing what to do, we rushed to get Samson out of the house. We put him in the garage and tried to figure out a plan. Our first idea was to take Samson to the dog wash here in town, but my dad wasn't home so we didn't have a truck to transport him in. Luckily, we made a phone call to my brother and he brought us his truck. Mind you, this was at 10:00pm tonight so he was probably really happy about it. I started researching home remedies to remove skunk odor and they all said to react as fast as possible. While waiting for my brother to bring the truck, we washed him in the front yard with vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. Poor guy was not enjoying it AT ALL! We finally got him to the dog wash and washed him on the skunk odor remover setting. He was sprayed on the left side of his face and ear. He smells pretty all over now, but if you get up really close to his left ear, there's still a hint of nasty skunk! The house doesn't smell too bad anymore. At first, the house and the garage smelt horrid. Not sure if we're just used to the smell now, but it doesn't seem near as bad. We sprayed a ton of Lysol and lit some candles. That was our first run in with a skunk, and hopefully the last. Not sure how we're going to keep him out of the backyard though.

Poor baby boy.


.....and that's how I spent my Sunday evening.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Last Fling Before the Ring"

Megan's Bachelorette party was a success! The night was complete with dinner, dueling piano bar fun, lingerie shower, hotel slumber party, and watching old home videos. The only hiccup was our twenty minute long taxi cab ride to dinner (which was within 5 miles away from our hotel) due to a wreck, which ended up costing us $25. Here are a few pics from the night:

"Last Fling Before the Ring" invitations.....ordered via

The party favors

We finally talked her into getting on stage

Bride-to-Be, Cassi, and Brittany

Whitney, Beth, and Rachel

crazy pic

Maids of Honor with the Bachelorette

Megan and her Lawton loves

Friends since Elementary these girls so much!

The group at dinner

Wine & Canvas!

Last night, I attended Wine & Canvas with my mom and another mother-daughter duo, Karen and Morgan. If you're not familiar with Wine & Canvas, you really need to try it's a lot of FUN! Basically, you go to a restaurant and eat/drink and paint a fabulous canvas painting. You pay $35 plus food/drink costs and they provide the paint, paintbrushes, and canvas. There is an artist who stands at the front of the room and teaches you how to do a specific painting. They have a variety of different pictures to paint, but each show features one design. What a great idea right? Wish I would have thought of that while I was racking my brain in all my college business courses for a neat business plan. The lady who created this is genius because it's quite the hit here....there were at least 50 people in our class last night and each one of them paid $35. Plus, I'm sure she gets her equipment and supplies in bulk and for a good deal. Smart woman! Of course, the different restaurants love to host it because they get a lot of business in return from all the food and drink sales. This would be the perfect idea for a birthday party, bachelorette party, girl's night out, etc. To learn more about Wine & Canvas you can visit their website here. They are located in OKC, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and San Francisco. The lady is also expanding her business into Stillwater and possibly Tulsa in the near future! Here are some pics from the night: my mom and me
Morgan and Karen

At the halfway point

Karen's artistic skills

Mom's artwork

My artwork

The finished product....It's supposed to be a tree with a waterfall in the background, FYI! Pretty cool to see how each person added their own unique touch to it. Morgan's was especially cool with the green tree. She made hers to match her gray and green bathroom at home.

My finished product

My mom's finished product

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Congratulations Alli & Ryan!

Since my blog has been all about weddings and engaged couples lately, this post will be very fitting. Let me fill you in on a little background information. My best friend's name is Allison.

Back in the day, 6th grade to be exact

She has been my best friend since before I even knew what the word best friend meant. So Allison is dating Ryan and they just recently got back from a trip to Oregon to visit Ryan's family. There had been talk previously that Ryan might just pop the question to Alli on this very trip. I thought it was very possible, but Alli wasn't totally convinced. However, she assured me that if it did happen, I would be the first person she would call. Well I never received a phone call from her so I assumed it didn't happen, but I had this tiny little inkling that it did happen because she never called me and said it didn't. I didn't want to bother her about it in case it didn't happen so I never called and asked. I got a text from her today saying that she would call me when I got off work and we could talk about her trip and our friend's bachelorette party. She also said she would be in town this evening so I asked her if she wanted to meet for ice cream after work. I had this gut instinct that she had something special to tell me about this trip. The first thing I did when I saw her at the ice cream shop was look at her ring finger and guess what?? NO RING! So we continued on ordering our ice cream, but I noticed she had a gift sack in her hand. She told me it was a souvenir she bought me from Oregon. I opened the gift and this is what I found: Then she pulls out the most GORGEOUS ring and puts it on her finger. I pretty much freaked out and told her I totally knew it! She was able to keep her secret from all her friends from Saturday until today so that she could tell me in person....that was so sweet and special to me! Alli, I'm so honored to get to be your maid-of-honor on such an important day in your life. Congratulations to both you and Ryan! Love you guys so much!

Alli and Ryan at the zoo

Engagement Pictures & A Bachelorette Party!

I've been busy lately doing all things weddings for my friends and family......from doing wedding hair, taking engagement pictures, and planning bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners. It's been a lot of FUN!

This is Megan. She is one of my best friend's from childhood. Megan is getting married on 9.10.11 and I'm honored to be her co-maid of honor! Yes, that's right...she's having two maids of honor. I am one of them and my best friend Alli is the other. We all grew up living on the same street and have been friends since we were toddlers. This weekend is Megan's Bachelorette party! The party will include dinner, a trip to the piano bar, lingerie shower, and a slumber party! I'm so's going to be a BLAST! We always have so much fun when we get together and catch up on life. Pictures of the party to come soon!

Brandi & Lance 11.20.11

Brandi and Lance asked me to do some engagement pictures for their wedding. They are getting married the day after my brother and Ashley. It will be a busy, but fun weekend for me! I've known Lance since we were in elementary school. He used to make fun of me for wearing stirrup leggings and tying my shoe strings extremely tight...YIKES! Thanks for letting me take some pictures Brandi & Lance....I really enjoyed doing it! We got the pictures done just in time for the storm to hit last night. Aren't they a beautiful couple? Can't wait for your wedding!

Ashley & Trevor 11.19.11

I realized I hadn't shared these pictures from my brother's "practice" engagement session. The photographer they hired includes engagement pictures in the package, but they wanted me to take some "practice" pictures since my brother really despises being in front of the camera. Ever since he was a young lad, he's never been one to smile for the camera. It was a bit of a challenge to get him to warm up and feel comfortable doing certain poses, but we were able to get some good ones. We also got some pretty funny ones. Here was Trevor's response when I told him to look off in the distance and not smile:
And this was his response when I told him to look at Ashley and smile....REALLY? He thought it was clever and hilarious. I have to admit we all laughed pretty hard and I guess it shows his true personality. I got mad at him for doing it and he said, "what? you told me to be natural." All I have to say is, Ashley is a trooper for being so patient and laid back. Thanks Trevor for the entertainment.