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I'm an Okie native, but currently an Arkansan. Newlywed. Hairstylist. Lover of all things creative. Pinterest and blog addict. Wanna-be photographer and wedding planner. Jesus follower. I love meeting new people and I'd love for you to stay a while, read a lot, and follow along. I love discovering new blogs so leave me a comment and I'm thrilled you're here!


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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Yummy Recipes!

We've tried some new recipes lately and we have both approved them all, so I thought I'd share!
Mexican Street Corn
My cousin bought some corn like this at a festival and she let me try it...oh man, it was the best corn I've ever had. I went searching on Pinterest for something that looked similar and this recipe looked and sounded just like it. I must say it was very tasty, but next time instead of using the mayo topping mixture, I would replace it with white queso. So good!!!
Fiesta Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad
Beware: this recipe makes a ton and it is really good so we ate on it for almost 3-4 days straight and I never got tired of it. We made it exactly as the recipe says, but the last day or two we added salsa on the top to give it a little extra kick!
Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
This chicken is super easy to make and very good. We have already made it twice in the last few weeks since we liked it so much!
Slow Cooker Smothered Pork Chops
This recipe was a little more work than the rest but it was for sure worth it. We served it over rice and it was delicious.
Hope you all enjoy! There hasn't been much going on in our neck of the woods. I had a wonderful time last weekend on my work trip to Florida and I'm looking forward to another work weekend in Dallas. While I was gone Aaron invited his brothers to our house to spend the weekend and have some brotherly bonding time. Other than that, I've been focusing on working out and training for the half marathon and have been doing a little bit of onesie/headband making in my free time. Not too much excitement going on to share about. We have a low-key and relaxing February planned so hopefully I'll have some time to work on some crafts & projects around the house to share with you all. Thanks for reading, you guys are the best! All my love- Q

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello 2016!

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve! So far January has been really good to us. Here's a recap of what's been going on...
We spent the weekend in Tulsa with these sweet friends. Thank you guys so much for having us and for all the wonderful hospitality. We had a blast!!

 Emily got the best New Year's kiss :)
 We played the Game of Things and laughed until we was so much fun! By far the best round of Things I've ever played.
While the boys hunted the next day, the girls went shopping! We woke up before the sunset the next morning and went duck hunting with the boys. It was cold and we only got one duck, but it was fun anyhow.
 Pretend like I don't look like a humongous man.
 Love my hunter!
This past weekend we had zero plans which was so nice.
 I got home from work on Friday night and found the boys being lazy in the recliner. We decided to rent and movie and stay in. We watched War Room and it was so good. I highly recommend it.
We slept in on Saturday morning and I finally had some free time to work on a Valentine's Day craft.
The before and after of my Valentine's door hanger.
We went to the gym and worked out and then we got ready for our date night. We went to dinner and saw the movie "The Revenant." I let Aaron pick the movie and I will never make that mistake again. I was so sick to my stomach the entire movie and almost 30 mins after. It was awful, but Aaron loved it and now he owes me a Nicholas Sparks movie :)
We went to church on Sunday and then spent the day exploring a nearby town and driving around the lake and dreaming about warm weather and camping (yes, we are an old married couple already).
On Sunday we grilled corn on the cob and sat outside by the fire pit, then we watched The Golden Globes. We made Mexican Street Corn for the first time and it was so yummy. I've got lots of new recipes to share on the blog soon.
It was the perfect weekend and I look forward to another one this weekend! The last two weekends of January I will be out of town on work trips so I'm excited for one more relaxing weekend at home in January. I will be going to Orlando, FL next weekend and I've never been before so if you have any must see/eat places, or fun things to do, I'd love to hear about it! I get to attend a hair show there and I'm so excited about it. I also get to go to the Gaylord, Texan in January for sales meetings for work. I've never been there before either, so I'm excited to get to see and experience it all.
I don't typically set New Year's Resolutions, but I do like to set a few goals.
My goals for 2016:
- Grow in my relationships. First and foremost with God, but also with Aaron and my friends and family. I joined a bible study last week and I'm really excited about it. It is very challenging for me, but I've already learned so much and I'm excited to get to know the girls that are in it better.
- Get healthy and loose weight. I got the MyFitnessPal app and Aaron and I have been journaling what we eat and keeping track. He is doing way better than me and I'm so proud of him. I am also going to run a half marathon in April with some friends and my mom so I've started training for that too.
- Simplicity. I'm trying to not fill up my calendar and trying to teach myself to say no. I don't want to be so busy that I can't enjoy life. I want to balance everything better and have time to relax and spend more time with Aaron.
- With that being said my word for 2016 is present. I want to be more present. I don't want to constantly be on my phone or computer and I want to really enjoy the moments. I don't want to feel like I always have to be attached to my camera and instead enjoy the time with people I love and be present.