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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Life Lately

I thought I'd catch my blog up on the last few months of our life.
In March, I spent the weekend with my childhood friend, Megan and her family. Her oldest daughter was turning six so I went to celebrate at her birthday party. We had the best weekend, lots of fun and laughter and they let me crash at their house and join in on all their family gatherings. Thanks for having me, we need to do it again soon!
The birthday girl!
I worked on a little project one afternoon. My mom's best friend graciously gave me this bench and a really nice china hutch. I painted the bench a pale blue and bought the two pillows below. I still have to do another coat on it and do some distressing, but I'm excited to get it in our new place.
I found the floral pillows at Ross.
The day before Easter my brother and his wife came to stay with us. The boys spent the day kayak fishing while we shopped and relaxed. I failed at taking any Easter pictures. My mom was sick with food poisoning so we went to church without her and then had lunch and played games at my Cousin Steph's house.
The day after Easter I got to have lunch with my best friend and play with her precious little guy. He is at that fun stage where all he does is smile and giggle at you and it's so precious. She even had him in one of the onesies I made him which made my day! He is the perfect little onesie model.
That evening I met up with my family to attend my grandpa's Lion's Club dinner. They were recognizing him with a Quilt of Valor for his service in the military.
Grandpa's fan club
Just in case you were wondering, this is my new favorite spring/summer nail polish color! I don't even know what it's called because I already packed it in a box for our move, but I LOVE it!
I helped host a baby shower for my sister-in-law. These are a few of the details. 4 more weeks until we get to meet Baby Corn, I'm so excited I can't stand it!
At the end of March we learned that Aaron got the job he applied for with his current company. He left the next day to move and start the job and I stayed behind and tied up all the loose ends. This was the first weekend I got to see Aaron after he moved. We got a glimpse of what it will be like living next to all our friends! We joined them for a nice Sunday evening cookout, complete with shooting beaver dens, riding 4-wheelers, kayaking on the pond, etc. The next day my friend, Paige and I went house hunting.
Can't wait to live so close to all these girls!
The following weekend, we did more packing, but we also went house hunting and Samson got to play with his furry friend, Manny.
Since we were in Tulsa house hunting, we stopped in and had dinner with our special family friends. They just bought and re-did a house and it is GORGEOUS. We are so excited to be living so close to them! I see lots of fun gatherings in our future!

This past Sunday I turned 28 and celebrated with my family at Top Golf.
Thanks everyone for coming!!
After Top Golf, we drove back to Tulsa and I had a slumber party with my best friend and her baby. They were in town for a soccer tournament so I stayed the night with them in their hotel and we went shopping the next day. It's already paying off living in Tulsa :)
We are currently staying with my in-laws until we move into our new place on May 1st. We found a place to live and signed all the paperwork yesterday. Unfortunately, we are not buying a house yet. We are going to rent an apartment for the next year, until we find the perfect house in the perfect area. The last time we both lived in an apartment was in college so it may be quite a challenge with a big dog, but we have a dog park, swimming pool, detached garage with a storage room so I think it will work just fine for the time being. Now all I have to do is find a job! Can't wait to be done with this move and all settled in!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


I know what you're thinking when you're reading this blog title.....AGAIN?? Yes, you read it right. We are moving yet again, but we are so excited about it. We knew when we moved back to Oklahoma that it was going to be really great, but we knew that we didn't want to live in this part of Oklahoma forever. Our ultimate goal has always been to eventually live in the greater Tulsa area, start a family there, and stay there for a really long time. We are so happy to announce that Aaron has accepted a job with his same employers in the Tulsa area!!! You guys have no idea how hard we have prayed for this. Aaron came home late last Thursday night after a prescribed burn at work and he asked me if I was ready to finally buy a house. I knew that meant he had heard back from his boss about the job, I just didn't know if it was good or bad. I asked with concern in my voice, "where will we be buying a house?" He replied, "I got the job!!" We both screamed and jumped up and down and then I asked when he started......he said on Monday and I about puked! I knew that meant he would be leaving the next day and I would have to put my two weeks notice in at work and get all the rest of the loose ends figured out up here by myself. I put my two weeks notice in at work the next day, which just so happened to be April Fools. Have you ever tried to tell your co-workers you're quitting on April Fools Day? No one will believe you, haha.

It's always bittersweet when moving and we will both really miss our jobs and our co-workers. I will miss my D-Group and the sweet girls in it, but more than anything we are so thrilled to be moving closer to Aaron's family and all of our friends that live in that area. I am already looking forward to Bachelorette watch parties with all the girls, Aaron's looking forward to hunting on private land with all his buddies, and we're already talking about starting a co-ed summer softball team with our friends. We felt a great sense of community when we lived in Mammoth, but that is one thing we were really missing here and we cannot wait to have that again!

We have been so lucky that our year lease is up at the end of April so we believe God orchestrated this whole thing perfectly. We will be house hunting with a realtor this Sunday so please pray that it goes well and we can find the perfect house to buy. Our plan is to get the buying process going quickly, and we will be staying with my in-laws for a while or maybe find a rental without a year lease to stay in until we can buy something. Aaron just got into town last night and we are planning on packing all weekend. My Aunt Jan is amazing and she took off work to come and stay with me last week and was such a huge help!! She really was the only reason I partially kept my sanity and she and Aaron can tell you that I was a hot mess last week trying to figure this all out.

At this point, I'm not sure what I'm going to do for work in Tulsa, but if you have any ideas or know of anyone hiring, please let me know. Also if you know anyone with a house for sale, we'd love to hear about it! It will probably be quiet around this blog of mine until we get all settled in, but I will keep you posted on the house hunting process.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Little Lamb Is On It's Way!

On Saturday, I helped host a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Here are a few pictures of all the fun!

 Since they aren't finding out the gender, we kept it nice and gender neutral. Their nursery is gray and white with elephants and lambs so we ran with that theme for the shower. Here is the front of the invitation (obviously I edited the personal info out)
 Here is the back of the invitation. I ordered the invites from Etsy and she did a fantastic job!
 I made this door hanger for the front door at the shower, but it can also be used for the hospital room door once the baby arrives so people know which room is hers. My best friend had one for her shower and hospital room and I loved the idea!
"Thank ewe for coming"
 We did an elephant fingerprint balloon bouquet for the guestbook. It was also a fun way to predict the gender.

Here are a few of the onesies I made for the fireplace d├ęcor.

 Ashley requested a display shower so we displayed the gifts on the fireplace and around the house so everyone could see what she got.

 We had a lady make these adorable cookies and they tasted so good!!
 We bought a plain white cake from Brown's Bakery and added the marshmallow face to make a little lamb. It's totally not perfect, but I thought it was pretty fun.
 One of the other hostesses, Leslie made this adorable fruit display. She did such a good job on it and I loved the way it turned out.
 We scattered baby pictures of the parents-to-be around the food table as a conversation starter.
 The food and drink table.
 I got to meet sweet baby Ella for the first time. She was such a trooper and slept through the whole thing. She even showed up modeling one of my onesies and headbands and she looked soooo cute in it. Made me so happy!
 My aunt, my mom, and our sweet sweet friend Vern.
 One of the guests made this adorable diaper owl.

 Oh Ella, you're too cute!
 Ashley and our cousins.
 My dad's side of the family. So glad you guys all got to come. We missed you Jaimi, Jamie and Kaylee!

 The hostesses & Ashley....thanks for all of your amazing help!

 Ashley & Baby Corn's Great Grandma, Me-Ma
 Ashley & Baby Corn's Great GMA
 Baby bump friends
 My mom's side of the family!

 I found this dry erase board in the Target dollar bins so we guessed the due date.
And here is a picture of the completed guest book balloon bouquet.

It was a wonderful shower. Ashley and Trevor got a bunch of great gifts and it was a lot of fun. We played baby Pictionary and it got quite comical at times. Thanks so much for all who came and everyone who helped make it so nice. Now all we need is that baby to get here. AHH can't wait!! Hurry up May!