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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Always on the go....

We have been out of town every single weekend since the middle of March and it has been so much fun traveling around and seeing different groups of friends, but I must admit that I'm ready for like 15 weekends at home doing nothing. Not going to happen anytime soon, but a girl can dream right? Not sure how I'm ever going to get our new house situated and unpacked, but I'm not going to stress over it.

Here's what we've been up to on all our weekend getaways:

The weekend after my Grandpa's 90th birthday party, we traveled to Tulsa and stayed the night with our sweet friends Nick and Paige. The next morning we woke up and headed to Tahlequah for a weekend of fishing and hanging out. We didn't catch a single fish, but it was still a really fun weekend with friends.
 I'm playing the redneck part pretty good here in my rubber boots.

The first weekend in April we visited my family and stayed the weekend to celebrate Easter. Aaron's family joined us for church and lunch afterwards and it was great to have both of our families together for the holiday. I completely failed and didn't take one single picture. It was a yucky, rainy day so that's my excuse.

The second weekend in April I traveled back to my hometown to do some wedding hair for some of my favorite clients.  We also had a cookout with my family to celebrate the April birthdays. After the wedding I headed to Tahlequah to visit my cousins that were in town from Virginia.
 Loved getting to spend time and play with these pretty princesses. They are the cutest and most gorgeous little girls ever.
Isabel calls me Princess Quincee because she was in ourwedding and she saw me in my "white princess dress". She asked me while we were playing if she could come stay in my castle and watch me dance with my prince. Oh, Isabel, you are too funny. Of course, I also loved seeing their awesome mamma and catching up with her.
In between my two night stay in Tahlequah I drove to Tulsa to do a maternity shoot with these pretty friends.

They were so photogenic and fun. Can't wait to meet their little girl.
The weekend after that, we went back to my hometown yet again to celebrate my birthday with my family. We went to dinner and saw the Nicholas Sparks' movie, The Longest Ride. It was a really good movie, I would highly recommend it. The next day we went camping with some of my best girlfriends from high school. It was Aaron and three girls and it was seriously so much fun. We decided we are always going to go camping together and I think we should turn it into an annual birthday trip. The weather was supposed to be severe all weekend, but we lucked out and had some beautiful weather.
 Love these girls big time.
I will never camp again without Chef Steph. She made us a wonderful gourmet breakfast by campfire and it was oh so delicious!
Aaron bought me a kayak for my birthday. He is a smart man. He knew that once he got his kayak, he would be fishing in it all summer long and in order for me to not complain about it, I would need to go along as his sidekick. I am looking forward to many kayaking trips this summer. I plan on bringing a book, a drink, and sunbathing the day away in my kayak....sounds like Heaven to me.
This past weekend we visited Aaron's college buddy in Southeastern Oklahoma for a weekend of turkey hunting and relaxing. While all the boys were out hunting, I got to play with  Aly and catch up with her mamma. It was such a relaxing weekend and I enjoyed getting to see where they lived for the first time ever. They are expecting their second baby girl in the next few weeks and we can't wait to meet her.
 This was Josh's first turkey ever and it was huge. Needless to say, they were all pretty pumped! Love these boys. Aaron is blessed with some really awesome friends and I'm so glad that we live closer so they can hang out and go hunting together again.
Aly blowing bubbles. I think she could have done it all day.
She has the cutest spunky personality and cracked me up all weekend long.
We got home Sunday afternoon and started moving into our new house. On Monday, Aaron's family came down and helped us move. I took a few loads Monday morning and then I had to drive to the city for a newborn shoot. A huge thanks to Aaron's family for bringing their muscles to help us move all our big furniture. I felt bad for not being able to help them move everything, but it was really nice when I got home at midnight to have all the big stuff moved.
 Baby Abigail was only 3 days old during her capturing newborns and all their sweetness.
Speaking of babies, it seems like every one I know is having a baby which is also keeping me really busy. I'm trying to keep up with my Etsy orders and baby gifts for friends. I've got 4 or 5 baby gifts that I need to make in the next few weeks.
 These are my latest creations that are for sale in my shop.
 I'm looking forward to the next two weekends. This upcoming weekend I will be traveling to Galveston with my mom to photograph my friend and previous boss' vow renewal on the beach. I can't wait to see her and be a part of her special day. The following weekend we are having a girl's weekend in Ft. Worth with my mom, aunt, and cousin to celebrate my aunt's birthday. THEN, I AM GOING TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THE LAST FEW WEEKENDS IN MAY. Phew!  Did I mention I don't like sitting still?
Stay tuned for more regular blog posts and some updates on the new house!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We're Moving.....AGAIN!

Yep, you read that right. We are moving yet again. And yes, you counted correctly....that makes three moves since we got married almost two years ago and I'm definitely OVER it. My life has been absolutely nuts and I apologize for neglecting my blog, but there has been no time for reading or writing blogs.
We knew when we moved into the "Love Shack" nine months ago that we would eventually be moving out within the year. It was a temporary place to live while we found something more permanent. We were looking for houses to buy and almost got to the stage of making an offer on a townhouse when we got the news that we had to be out of our house by May 9th because the new intern would be moving in. That gave us 4 weeks to find a place and move out. To say that I panicked and had a small mental breakdown is an understatement. We knew then that buying would no longer be an option because there wasn't enough time and we didn't want to feel rushed into making that big of a decision. We immediately began looking for rent houses. Just so you know, the rental market here is AWFUL. No one allows pets, everything is out of this world expensive because of all the oil workers that rent and therefore, there is almost nothing available for rent. We lucked out and found a house listed online for rent. We went and looked at it last week and loved it. However, there was already someone with an application on it and they had until last week to put down the deposit. We were on the edge of our seats waiting all weekend to hear if they paid the deposit or not. Luckily, they didn't and we signed the lease today! HOORAY. You have no idea how relieved I am.
The house is a HUGE upgrade from the "Love Shack." It is 3 bed/2 bath with a huge fenced in backyard, a large patio, two big shop buildings for all of Aaron's outdoors stuff, and a storm cellar. It is extremely clean and recently updated and we will have so much storage. Obviously after living in the "Love Shack" we have become extremely humble and will be looking forward to having a dish washer, a kitchen sink that drains, bath tub, laundry room, etc. I am so thankful that Aaron's job provided us with a home to live in rent and bills free for 9 months. It really was a huge blessing and life saver because we could not find anything else at the time. However, I must say, I will not miss the "Love Shack" one bit. I will miss how relaxing it is out here and all the wildlife there is to see, but our new rent house is on 10 acres so I'm sure it will still be very relaxing. It is also 10 miles closer to my work place.
I still remember how shocked and panicked I was when I first saw the "Love Shack" and realized that we would have to live there for a while. I never imagined that we would live in it for all of 9 months and I must say I think I deserve a pat on the back for it. I'm pretty sure there will never be another wife that lives in that house that long, but we made it our home and it worked out great and for that I am very thankful. I can promise you that I will be in heaven in our new house. Who knows how long we will be in it, but there is one thing I do know....I am so sick of moving and I'm ready to buy a house and live in it FOREVER!! Stay tuned for updates and pictures of the new place. I'm off to go search Craigslist for a riding lawn mower and a patio furniture set :)
 The back patio and yard.
 Any ideas/suggestions on how to style this large brick wall/fireplace? Wish it had a mantle.
Aaron's future shop. I bet he fills up every bit of it.