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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kinsley is O-N-E!!

My close friend Megan pulled off one heck of a party for her daughter's 1st birthday. It was by far the best and coolest 1st birthday party I've ever been to. Kinsley is definitely loved by her mom, dad, family and friends! No detail was left untouched, there was a good turnout, and lots of fun had by all. Kinsley absolutely loves monkey's so it was only fitting to have a monkey themed party. Megan asked me to take pictures at the party so here are a few I'd like to share.

Family & FriendsWe have all been best friends since elementary school. It is so fun to get together and catch up with Megan since she doesn't live in the same town as the rest of us. We are so thankful Megan brought little Kinsley Grace into this world. She is such a precious girl with a beautiful spirit. Can't wait to see how much fun we will have when all of us get married and have kids.Accidental action shot that I thought turned out pretty cute.Sweet family.Kinsley with her mom and dad.Kinsley and her Uncle Logan.Love you Meg & Kins!

The Details!

Monkey sign in the front yard!Kinsley's individual birthday cake that she devoured.The super cute candy table. I thought this was a fun way to display the suckers. She just painted a stirofoam square and covered it in glitter.The party wouldn't be complete without a monkey moon bounce!Color coordinated hanging lanternsCute balloons on the mailbox outside.

Table centerpieces. She had all different colored ones and some of them had the number 1 instead of a K.

The Birthday Girl!

It's her party and she'll pick her nose if she wants too........She was not afraid to get messy.Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?Her cute birthday outfit.Having a blast in the moon bounce.Cutie

Doesn't that look like the coolest birthday party ever? Megan did such an awesome job on everything. I will definitely be giving her a call when I'm planning my child's 1st birthday party. I told her she should think about party planning on the side :)

Training Progress #12!

12 weeks down, 6 more to go!!!! There is exactly 40 days until the race.....YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I'm getting really excited that the race is so close! However, the hardest part of my training is yet to come. This past week was a smaller load in preparation for the coming few weeks. Here's what I ran this past week:

Thursday- ran 4 miles
Friday- ran 8 miles
Saturday- ran 5 miles

For my long run on Monday I was supposed to run 12 miles, but I skipped it....SHAME ON ME! Monday is my day off from work and I had a ton of stuff to get done. I was planning on running, but I didn't get everything done that I needed to so I decided to skip the running. I felt like missing a 12 mile run probably wouldn't kill me and I need all the rest I can get before this week. This week I will be running 4 miles on Tuesday, 9 miles Wednesday, 5 miles Thursday and 18 miles Monday......YEE-HAW!! I'm thinking about t-shirt designs for the race. My friend's and I are going to get bright neon colored shirts and put something fun on them so our friends and family can hopefully spot us easier. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment and let me know.

It's been fun discussing running with others who are training for the full and half marathon in OKC. I've had a couple of clients recently come in who are in training. It's fun to compare progress and talk about our challenges and struggles with training. One of the new clients I did today is training for the half marathon. She was super sweet. We got to talking about how much we enjoy running now and how we feel really gross, out of whack when we don't run. She said she loves that running is her quiet/relaxing time when she can be alone and spend time with God. It's kind of crazy because I totally know what she means. At first I dreaded going on runs by myself, and don't get me wrong I still dread the majority of my long runs and I don't like going alone, but it is a great time to get away from the rest of the world and really think about things. When you're running that often and that long it's amazing what will run through your mind. I used to only listen to rap and pump up music when I ran, but now I just set my IPod on shuffle and listen to all kinds of music. I've found that it's more relaxing to listen to worship music or country and just kind of let your mind wander. Sorry to babble on about that, but it was neat to hear my client say exactly what I was thinking. Running really is a great time to relax and spend time with God.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Training Progress #11!

11 weeks down, 7 more to go!!

For some reason this week I had the urge to do all of my short runs on the treadmill at the YMCA. Mainly because I wanted to watch HGTV while I ran. It does a good job of taking my mind off of the running. It was kind of crazy that I ran at the Y on a treadmill because they weather was pretty much perfect all week. Since I was running on the treadmill, I didn't use my Nike Sportsband so I don't have the exact times of the runs.

Wednesday- ran 4 miles

Thursday- ran 4 miles...I was supposed to run 8 miles, but during my run I got called in to work early because our schedule book was messed up and I had appointments waiting on me so I had to cut the run short.

Friday- ran 4 miles

Monday- ran 16 miles

My long run took me about 3 hours total. Thanks to my fabulous friend's Marcus and Brendan for riding their bikes beside me the whole way. It didn't take much convincing to get them to come along for the ride. They were pretty excited about the opportunity to get some exercise during their spring break. However, they realized very early on in the run that they didn't know what they were signing up for. It was pretty cold outside and they weren't wearing the warmest attire. Let's just say they did more complaining than I did. I'm so thankful they stuck it out and stayed the whole time. They kept me entertained and I was pretty much laughing at them the whole way. It truly was a fairly easy run for me this week. I felt great during and didn't feel too bad afterwards. My left knee is pretty sore, but that will wear off soon I hope. This week I have to run 4 miles on Wednesday, 8 miles Thursday, 5 miles Friday, and 12 miles Monday! Hooray for the decreased long run this week....I will take advantage of it!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here are a few picture of the newest onesie, tu-tu, and headband that I made! More to come soon!

Training Progress #10!!


This week was probably the hardest week yet. I know I'm going to catch myself continually saying that from here on out because it's about to get REAL UGLY! I like to whine a lot don't I? I got really frustrated this week because during my 7 mile run I had to walk three different times. I've yet to stop and walk on any of my runs. I have stopped halfway during my long runs to get a drink, but never to stop and walk. I was having really bad chest and knee pains. I think the heat and wind really got to me that day. Here's my progress from this past week:

Wednesday: ran 3 miles (duration of run: 27:45)
Thursday: ran 7 miles (not even going to put the time on here because I didn't keep track with all the walking that took place)
Friday: ran 4 miles (38:15)
Monday: ran 15 miles (2:39:22)

The 15 mile run wasn't as horrible as I expected. I was able to run the whole entire thing. I stopped halfway and got a drink of Powerade and ate two Cliff Energy Blocks. They're chewy little squares that taste fruity and give you energy. In my opinion, they were MUCH better than the GU. I also stopped at about mile 11 to go pee. We came upon a gas station and there was no way I was going to make it the whole time without stopping to bladder was so full and all the energy stuff runs straight through me (sorry if that was TMI). My sweet boyfriend rode his bike beside me the whole way....poor guy! It was pretty cold and he only brought shorts so he was freezing the entire way. He told me, "I'm ready for this marathon to be over with already" to which I responded, "you're ready for it to be over with... I'm ready for it to be over with." He said he's no longer going to come and visit me on days that I do long runs. I don't blame him one bit, but I sure do enjoy his company. This week's schedule is as follows: 4 miles Wednesday, 8 miles Thursday, 4 miles Friday, 16 miles Monday. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I've Been Up to Lately!

1. Making a bunch of onesie and tutu outfits. Here's the most recent outfit for a friend's niece that is turning one. If you've requested an outfit don't worry, it's currently in the works and I should be done with it shortly.
2. Meeting "The Pioneer Woman." She had a book signing at the Hastings in my home town. My mom went and waited in line from 5:30pm until 9:30pm. I met my mom there when I got off work and stood in line with her for about an hour. She autographed my cookbook and her love story and took a picture with us. She was sooooooooo sweet and absolutely beautiful and gracious! It was really fun to meet her and worth the wait.

3. Planning parties/baby showers and taking fun pictures. This is my friend Megan's little girl Kinsley. Megan, Kinsley, and I had a fun filled day of shopping, eating, and taking 1st birthday pictures. I'm planning my friend's baby shower and Megan is planning Kinsley's 1st birthday party so we had a lot of shopping to do. We had a trunk full of goodies and decorations that we found for the party. Can't wait to see how cute Kinsley's monkey themed birthday party will turn out. She LOVES monkeys, hence the monkey tea party picture.

I love her face in this picture.
4. Attending Trevor (my brother) and Ashley's engagement party. Ashley's mom made these cute rolls of mints as goodies to hand out at the party. What a cute idea. The back of the paper said save the date and had the wedding date.
Trevor and Ashley

Ashley and I
That's about all the exciting new I have for you right now. I'm in the process of making three more cake stands and a lot of onesies so I'll post more pictures of those as I finish them.

Training Progress #9!


This past week was a shorter week. Nothing too exciting. Here's the run pun intended hah.

Wednesday- ran 3 miles (duration of run: 28 mins 35 secs)
Friday- ran 7 miles (1 hr 14 mins 15 sec)
Saturday- ran 4 miles (39:01)

My long run for the week was 10 miles, however I was out of town visiting Aaron on the day I was supposed to run it and I didn't do it....EEEEKKK!! I was planning on running it at his house while he rode a bike beside me, but his bike at his parents house had flat tires so we decided to enjoy our day together instead of going for a long run. I figured resting for one long run wouldn't hurt and it'd probably help my body prepare for the next week. This week's running includes 3 miles Wednesday, 7 miles Thursday, 4 miles Friday, and 15 miles Monday...YUCK!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I went to Lydia's garage sale this weekend and I hit the JACKPOT! These tea light wall sconces were $10 for the set. They would be cute hanging inside or outside. I think I will leave them exactly as they are.

I'm planning on painting this shelf white and putting in my entry way when I get a house someday. I thought it'd be cute right as you walk in the front door with a mirror or something hanging above it on the wall. The shelf was also $10

I love these shelves and i'm going to leave them exactly like they are. They were $5.

This basket shelf was $10 as well. I'm probably going to paint it, but not sure what color yet. I'm planning on hanging it on the wall by the front door and using it as a key rack.....or maybe it will find a home in my craft room one day :)

This black end table/night stand was $4.....BARGAIN! All it needs is a fresh coat of paint and a new knob. Not sure how i'm going to paint it yet.

I also got some craft supplies. You can never have enough craft supplies. The hot glue gun, bag of glue sticks, and a bag of paint brushes was all $4.

I've been needing a crock pot and it's red so it matches with some of the other stuff I have in my kitchen...HOORAY! The crock pot was $12

My whopping grand total of damage done was $55. I'd say that was a successful garage sale trip!!! Thanks Lydia!