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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I went to Lydia's garage sale this weekend and I hit the JACKPOT! These tea light wall sconces were $10 for the set. They would be cute hanging inside or outside. I think I will leave them exactly as they are.

I'm planning on painting this shelf white and putting in my entry way when I get a house someday. I thought it'd be cute right as you walk in the front door with a mirror or something hanging above it on the wall. The shelf was also $10

I love these shelves and i'm going to leave them exactly like they are. They were $5.

This basket shelf was $10 as well. I'm probably going to paint it, but not sure what color yet. I'm planning on hanging it on the wall by the front door and using it as a key rack.....or maybe it will find a home in my craft room one day :)

This black end table/night stand was $4.....BARGAIN! All it needs is a fresh coat of paint and a new knob. Not sure how i'm going to paint it yet.

I also got some craft supplies. You can never have enough craft supplies. The hot glue gun, bag of glue sticks, and a bag of paint brushes was all $4.

I've been needing a crock pot and it's red so it matches with some of the other stuff I have in my kitchen...HOORAY! The crock pot was $12

My whopping grand total of damage done was $55. I'd say that was a successful garage sale trip!!! Thanks Lydia!


  1. Great finds! I'm not going to lie...I'm jealous! I love the table, the nightstand...actually I love all of it!

  2. hahahah :) Quincee, glad I could be of service to you. My mom came over yesterday and said, "Oh! The sconces sold!" And I said yep...Quincee bought them within the first 5 minutes of being here. ha :) So glad all of that went to a loving home where my unfinished projects will be FINISHED!