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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wine & Canvas!

Last night, I attended Wine & Canvas with my mom and another mother-daughter duo, Karen and Morgan. If you're not familiar with Wine & Canvas, you really need to try it's a lot of FUN! Basically, you go to a restaurant and eat/drink and paint a fabulous canvas painting. You pay $35 plus food/drink costs and they provide the paint, paintbrushes, and canvas. There is an artist who stands at the front of the room and teaches you how to do a specific painting. They have a variety of different pictures to paint, but each show features one design. What a great idea right? Wish I would have thought of that while I was racking my brain in all my college business courses for a neat business plan. The lady who created this is genius because it's quite the hit here....there were at least 50 people in our class last night and each one of them paid $35. Plus, I'm sure she gets her equipment and supplies in bulk and for a good deal. Smart woman! Of course, the different restaurants love to host it because they get a lot of business in return from all the food and drink sales. This would be the perfect idea for a birthday party, bachelorette party, girl's night out, etc. To learn more about Wine & Canvas you can visit their website here. They are located in OKC, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and San Francisco. The lady is also expanding her business into Stillwater and possibly Tulsa in the near future! Here are some pics from the night: my mom and me
Morgan and Karen

At the halfway point

Karen's artistic skills

Mom's artwork

My artwork

The finished product....It's supposed to be a tree with a waterfall in the background, FYI! Pretty cool to see how each person added their own unique touch to it. Morgan's was especially cool with the green tree. She made hers to match her gray and green bathroom at home.

My finished product

My mom's finished product

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