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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dad's Surprise Retirement Party!

My dad is retiring this year from coaching and teaching. He has been coaching football and track and teaching Algebra since before my brother and I were born. I'm not sure the exact number of years, but it's A LOT! He has definitely put in his time. I know my dad is a great teacher and coach because he has been a teacher and a coach to me. Although I didn't go to NHS, there were countless times when my dad helped me with my math homework and gave me lessons on throwing the shot put. I probably wouldn't have made it through Algebra in high school without my dad because I really didn't learn a whole lot from my teacher. Yes, there were times I didn't understand what my dad was talking about when explaining a problem and sometimes that led to frustration and tears, but he would stay up late until he made sure I understood the problems and could answer them on my own. He never told me the answers, unless he knew I could solve them myself. I remember when I threw the shot put in the 8th grade my dad would take me up to Norman High after I had track practice at North and he would work with me on my form. Surprisingly, for how small I was, I could throw the shot pretty far.....thanks to my dad's advice and help. He made me practice extra just like he made his shot and discus throwers do. I loved having a dad that was a coach and a teacher. I loved going to practices, football games, track meets, and I loved playing "pretend school" in his classroom. My dad will also be retiring from his summer job of mowing lawns and running the neighborhood pools. I think he's pretty excited for the next stage of his life. I predict there will be lots of golf games played in his near future. Please pray that he will find a new job that is fun and that he loves doing just as much as coaching!

Suzy, the assistant track coach and head cross country coach threw my dad a surprise retirement party at her house. I think my dad had a slight idea about the party because he said people were acting fishy at practice and asking strange questions......but I think he was still surprised and I know he was glad to see everyone. My mom came up with the idea to make the stick figures of my dad's head to hold up when he walked in the door. Not sure where she came up with that idea, but it was a hoot! There was a good turn out at the party and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Lots of funny stories were shared about athletic events that occurred over the years. Unfortunately, the marathon was the morning after his party so I didn't get to stay for very long. I wish I could have taken some better pictures, but these were the only ones I got. Enjoy!


Getting ready....Here he comes...SURPRISE!Great family friendsTelling storiesRelaxing outside He got a pretty sweet cane as a gift.

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  1. A sweet gift for a sweet surprise. Good job on your dad's retirement party. I'm sure he enjoyed the whole event! It can be a pretty bittersweet moment, the whole retiring to a more relaxed senior life, yet moments like this kick off a new phase in life quite nicely.