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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treasure Hunt=Successful

Today I went to three garage sales and a new antique store in Norman and I didn't come home empty handed :) I actually found quite a few goodies. I got these light up Christmas sculptures at the first garage sale for $0.50 a piece....never can have too many Christmas decorations.

The second garage sale I went to benefited Second Chance....might as well buy stuff that makes a difference for a great cause. I found a bunch of good stuff at this one.

$5.00 light up Christmas tree
$10 antique mirror (more than likely will spray paint this and antique glaze it)

Never can have to many glass votive candles. They always come in handy for parties, weddings, dinners, etc. I got all the glassware from this sale for $10.You might look at this and think, "why did she buy a spice rack?" Well, when I saw this, I thought the glass was cute and I loved the shape.See what I mean? Minus the lids, carousel, and spice tags, you have a pretty cute flower vase. I even thought of painting the carousel a fun color and hanging the vases on it with flowers inside. I can't help but buy glass vases when I see them because they will always come in handy when I start planning my wedding.I also bought eight of these glasses to use as vases. Love the shape.

Next, I discovered a new store in Norman called Main Street Memorables. It's located on East Main across from the Sarkey's Foundation. If you live in the area, you need to go there. Tons of cute stuff!

I don't like it when people take pictures of themselves in the mirror, but I think if you saw these clothes hanging on the hanger you would laugh, but once I tried them on, I liked them. The pink blazer was $4.50.I'm sure most of you will think this top looks like a grandma, but I thought it was cute. It reminded me of Spring and it was only $2.00. Speaking of Spring, I painted my nails a fun mint color with silver glitter. It's my favorite polish color to wear in the Spring & Summer. It's made by China Glaze.I also got this black, tray table at Main St. Memorables. It was $28. I thought that was a really good's pretty big in person.This table is also from the same place. I loved the exposed wood top. It was $65. I also purchased a darling green bench for $65 which was a huge steal. By the time I went to get my dad's truck to pick the stuff up, the lady called me and said she made a mistake on the bench price. The lady who owned it actually wanted $135. I was super sad, but didn't want to spend that much on it so I got my money back and went home without it :( However, I told her to call me if she has trouble selling it for $135. Hoping she calls back!!!

See what happens when you get bored on your days off because they're in the middle of the week when everyone else is at work? It can be very dangerous!

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