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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chickens, horses, and dogs...oh my!

I hope everyone had a Happy Happy Easter! I had a great day filled with church and brunch with the family, fun on my aunt's farm with all the dogs, and lots of crazy pictures. Here are a few pics recapping our day on the farm.
-We relaxed on the hammock, taking in the beautiful weather
-We got to hold new baby kittens...this was Gracie
-My aunts and grandpa holding the five new kittens
-We rode 4-wheelers while our dogs chased us the entire way
-Grandpa and three of his four daughters
-Our golden retrievers swam, swam, and swam some more and then fought over the stick

-Tanner stayed fairly clean and posed pretty for pictures
-Poor Riley got thrown in the pond to see if he enjoyed swimming like the others did, he wasn't too sure about it
-Samson tried to rub all over Aunt Jan and get her wet
-Precious little Charlie dog was my dad's shadow while he was fishing. Charlie loves to is the cutest thing ever. Can you see her tiny little self walking next to my dad?
-They could have swam and fetched sticks forever
-Crazy cousins taking weird pictures for the fun of it
-Charlie posing with the Easter Bunny
-Trying to come up with creative ways to take pictures with our cousins
-Aunt Jan and her pretty pups
-Decided that hanging from the clothes line would make a funny picture....we are strange
-Treat time!
-Blondell loving on Tucker
-Me and my cousin Lukey
-Blondell and her pups
-There were a few standoffs between horse and dog....the dogs sure thought they had a powerful bark, but the horses weren't liking it. My dog came way too close to getting kicked in the head by a horse.
Hope your Easter was as fun as mine! Have a blessed week!

1 comment:

  1. looks like you had a great day!!!
    and all the critters too!!!