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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Way Back Wednesday- Samson

Meet my fur child, Samson. I am obsessed with him. He is absolutely spoiled rotten.....but he deserves it all because he is awesome. I don't know what I'd do without this precious boy. He is so special to me. He was given to me on my 20th birthday by my Aunt Jan. She is the dog angel. She got him for free from a co-worker that was trying to find him a home. He is a full blood Golden Retriever. I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for Golden Retrievers. I have owned three dogs my entire life and all three of them have been Golden Retrievers. They are just so friendly, snuggly, and playful.  I remember the day she brought Samson home to me....he was sooo shy and didn't want to do much besides cuddle and sleep. He was a big fur ball and looked like a little polar bear with HUGE paws. We knew he would eventually be big...and BIG he is. He's pretty close to the size of a miniature horse.

Back when he was just a little guy...sometimes I wish he could have stayed small :(
-how cute is he? Smiling and posing for the camera.
- he was really working the camera in this pic.
-this is probably my most favorite picture of him. You have to look closely and you'll see his eyes glowing. We let him outside to use the bathroom and he found a frog in the garden and made a HUGE mess. See his paw prints on the concrete.
-he loved laying out, legs sprawled on the tile as a baby. Looks like a little polar bear.
-he loves car rides
-enjoying the wind in his face
-his first time to swim.
-he is still my dad's side kick. They love each other A LOT. My dad takes him on a 3-6 mile walk every morning so they have a special bond.
-helping my brother fish
-taking a bath after swimming
-such a cuddle bug
-after he got sprayed by a skunk....such a sad face
-he LOVES going for walks and hanging out at the dog park
- such a happy boy
-occasionally when he's feeling abandoned and needs attention he will jump in my bed while I'm getting ready for bed. It's hard to pass up that sad, sulking face.
-Love him
-pretty boy
-he LOVES to swim and retrieve sticks in the water. He could do it all day long.
-he also loves playing in the snow....he goes nuts!
-snow pup
Most people that know him would agree that he is a "special" dog. He has blonde hair and it definitely shows. He is extremely clumsy and does some funny things. He is my special boy and I can't imagine life without him!


  1. He does look like a polar bear all sprawled out on the tile! He is so cute and looks so sweet. I think he'd get along with my Abby. Awww, I love doggies!

  2. Ok, LOVE all of these photos!! Also, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! You don't have your e-mail set up, so I wasn't able to reply. =(

    Anywhoo - yes, when you come up to Seattle, we will DEFINITELY need to get together!!