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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garage Sale Goodies!

I have been going to garage sales like it's going out of style. For the past month, I've gone every Thursday. I've had a lot more luck going on Thursday's because you get there before the Fri & Sat crowd. There's usually at least 4 or 5 garage sales in my area every Thurs. I should probably stop going because I've accumulated so much "stuff", but I'm on the lookout for some patio chairs for my Aunt Jan. Sorry Jan, no such luck YET....I'm still looking. However, I have found some goodies for myself. Here are a few pics of the "stuff" I've accumulated over the past few weeks. I know most of you probably think I'm crazy and will roll your eyes like my parents do, but yes, I have a problem!

 White glass vases- $3.50 for all of them
 Cupcake Stand- $3.00
 Cake Stand- $8.00
I was super excited about this find. It is heavy duty thick glass, not sure who makes it, but I thought that was a steal!
 Bird Cage- $0.25
 Wine Bottle Carrier- $2.50
 Large Frame-$5.00

 Frames-$8.50 for all of them
 Wicker Chest-$15.00
 Pretty excited about this one too. Will work great as quilt/blanket storage at the foot of a bed.
 Forever 21 Jacket-$5.00
Red Jacket- $8.00
I bought this to wear to OU games!

If anyone is having a garage sale or selling patio chairs, please let me know!!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Great finds! I think the wicker chest is my favorite - and it was a great deal!