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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The New House: Before Pictures

I thought I would share a few before pictures of the new house. My blog is one of the best motivators for me to get things done and put together as far as my home is concerned. I'm hoping this will help me get things marked off my to-do list since I will be sharing after pictures. Since it is a rent house we won't be doing a lot of stuff to the house, mainly just decorating. It is killing me not to paint the walls and wood work because I do not like the colors at all, but I'll just have to get over that. So far we've moved all our big furniture in and we have all the boxes and stuff put away. We still have a few more loads of small stuff to bring over from the "love shack" and we have to unload the rest of the small things from our storage unit. 
 Here is the backyard and the patio. Please ignore the jungle....this was before we got it mowed. Aaron bought a riding lawn mower because there was no way he was going to push mow the whole thing. Samson is so happy here because he finally has a yard to run free in and he has taken full advantage of it. He never wants to come inside and he waits by the back door a lot.
 Another view of the patio. We bought a patio set yesterday and we got that and our hammock set up under the patio. We are looking forward to grilling out a ton this summer.
 Here is the kitchen. We finally have a kitchen that holds all of our stuff. Behind the fridge is another back door and the laundry room. The laundry room also has tons of storage and a pantry.
 This is the front formal entry sitting area. We have no clue what we are going to do with this space because we don't have any furniture to put in it so right now it's just a big blank room.
 Another view of the kitchen and dining room.
 If you go right from the front entry way, you will step down into the den. I'm so excited to have a fireplace!! This room is huge and it makes our furniture look like Barbie doll furniture.
 Another view of the den.
 Here is one of the three bedrooms. They all are pretty much the same size and look like this.
The guest bathroom. I'm loving all the storage because I have WAY too much hair/makeup/bath&body stuff.
 The master bathroom. Hooray for having two bathrooms again!!!
The master vanity/sink.
Anyway, as I get the house put together and decorated I will post the after pictures. Now that we have the space, we would love to have visitors and we can't wait to host a house warming party/cookout this summer with friends!

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  1. love it...can't wait to see the afters!! HAPPY SEIS DE MAYO 15 12!!! = P