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Sunday, July 12, 2015

July Fun!!

From the looks of things, I'd say July is going to be a good month. On July 2nd we drove to the city after work to attend the Turnpike Troubadours/ Jason Boland outdoor concert at the zoo with my brother and sister-in-law. We got there and heard about 3 songs from Jason Boland and it began pouring rain and never stopped. Unfortunately the concert got cancelled and we stood out in the rain for hours and got soaked....BUMMER!
Just before the rain came.
The next day Aaron left for Canada for a week long fishing trip with my brother, dad, and some other friends. He got home last night and told me about how much fun they had. It sounds like they had a blast and the pictures were so pretty. I'm so glad they invited him to go on the trip and that he got to have a nice vacation with the boys. I sure did miss him while he was gone though.
 My most favorite men!
 The boys decided it would be fun to shave mustaches for the trip. They all looked like Chester the Molester....sick!
 So pretty!
 Trevor and my dad both caught some nice Pike.
While the boys were away, the girls played. Since I hate staying by myself, my aunt came and stayed with me for a week to keep me company. We saw Magic Mike, watched fireworks, took a trip to T-Quah for a photo shoot and to play with my cousins, did crafts, colored hair, and just relaxed. It was very nice!!
 Sweet June enjoying her popsicle.
 Isabel was a little fish.
 Bunny cheering on Isabel
 Papa Pete looking like Earnest Scared Stupid.
 haha...he was making Isabel laugh.
 Samson loved jumping in the pool...we eventually had to kick him out and this is what he would do. He was so sad because he wanted in on the fun.
 Wet dog!!
Fishing for sharks.
We watched the Bachelorette on Monday night and on Tuesday my best friend, Alli rode the train down to see us. We had a slumber party, did some shopping, crafting and got to catch up and talk all things baby :) Her little baby bump is the cutest thing ever. I failed at getting a picture with the bump, but you better believe I was creeping her out by rubbing the belly. I'm getting so anxious to find out the gender....I've already started shopping!!
My aunt needed a baby shower gift for a friend so we made a little sign for her.
It was my first time making anything like this so I was really nervous about how it would turn out, but it ended up being pretty easy and I think I might have to make a few more for some friends.
Aaron and I slept in this morning and made the best brunch! Then, we gave Samson a nice bath outside, watched Taken 3, and now we are just relaxing and waiting until it cools off so we can take Samson on a walk around the lake. It has been the perfect day and I'm so glad he's back!
Look what we found on our back patio. We have had about three sets of babies this summer and we love watching them grow and learn to fly. They do make quite the mess on the patio, but we'll keep them around because they're Martins and they eat all the mosquitos.
Hope you all had a great 4th of July!!

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