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Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Best Friend's Baby Shower!

Hosting showers and parties might be one of my favorite things to do. I love all the planning, crafting, & celebrating, especially when it's for my best friend and her sweet baby boy. This past weekend I hosted a couples shower with three of my best friends from childhood (one was hosting from afar- we missed you Rachel). It was so fun to spend the day with them setting up, cooking, laughing, telling old stories, and catching up on life.
We may have even gone by our Elementary School to reminisce. I met these girls when I was just a young pup and we have all remained friends ever since. We may not see each other as often as we would like, but when we get together it's like nothing has ever changed. They are my ride or die and I know they will be there for me to celebrate during the good times and to support me during the tough, hard times. We have celebrated many milestones together with graduations, weddings, births, etc. and I'm so blessed with their friendships. While we were on our way to get helium for the balloons, Megan had the brilliant idea to go by our Elementary School to see if it had changed. Of course we couldn't leave without a picture first. So many great memories there.
Okay, back to the baby shower....
The hostesses (minus Rach) with the adorable mamma-to-be.
We went with an Aztec/Tribal theme since that's what Baby B's nursery will look like.
The Invites:
I ordered the invites on Etsy. You can find the seller here: 
I would highly recommend using her. She was quick and did an awesome job customizing it for a baby shower. I ALWAYS use Etsy to purchase invitation templates (and Christmas cards) and then I ALWAYS print them at Office Depot. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to go.
 The front
The back
The details:
 My friend Rachel's mom made the delicious Italian Crème Cake. It was fantastic. I stole the cake topper idea from a picture I saw on Pinterest (imagine that).
 I got the gold "baby" letters on Amazon. The tissue poms and fans are from Hobby Lobby. All the silverware, cups, paper plates, and napkins were also from Hobby Lobby.
 Since it was a couples shower, we provided some brewskis for the men in order to convince them to attend (just kidding)
 I bought this plain wooden "B" when I went to Canton from a store called Build-A-Cross. If you need any unfinished wooden items, you should check out their website. It's a cool company and the people who cut out the wood are recovering addicts. They have everything from shapes to alphabet letters to monograms, etc.  Here is their website:
 I found this cute quote on Pinterest. It reads "popsickle kisses and big bear hugs, little red wagons and jars full of bugs. Grass stains, soccer games, lots of toys...oh the joys of little boys."
 I made a onesie banner and "Oh Boy" banner for the fire place.
I'm excited to open my Etsy shop back up and add these new designs to it. I'm planning on opening it back up after the holidays. For now, I'm enjoying my break :)
My mom's friend made these adorable cookies. She is amazing and did such a good job. They tasted as good as they looked!
We served little piggies in a baby blanket (little smokies in crescent rolls), bow-tie pasta salad, training wheels (pinwheels), strawberry poppyseed salad, and fruits & veggies.
Games: We didn't go crazy with the games, but we did do a few things. We played the shoe game. You ask a series of questions where the answer is either him or her and depending on who they think it is, they will hold up that person's shoe. For example we asked, "who will be the better lullaby singer?" "Who will be the one to cry at kindergarten graduation?"
I think during this picture we asked, "who will be the one to lay down the law?" They both answered Alli, haha.
We also had a calendar and everyone guessed when they thought the baby would arrive and wrote their name on the date.
We also gave everyone a piece of paper to write a note to Baby B for him to read when he graduates high school...kind of like a time capsule.
I'm so excited for these two and I absolutely cannot wait to meet Baby B. He is so lucky to have such wonderful parents and he is going to be loved and spoiled by so many. I can't wait to see who he will look like and who he will become.
We may have even toilet papered my brother's house after the shower. I bet you have never Tee-peed with two pregnant women. You know it was a fun shower when that happens afterwards....good times!
Hurry up December!! I'm ready to squeeze & love on Baby B!

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