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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Yummy Recipe: One Pot Burrito Skillet

Kraft Quick-Fix Beef Burrito Skillet 
 Here's my version. It was really easy to make, took less than 15 minutes and it called for less than 10 ingredients, it tasted delicious and Aaron approved it! My kind of recipe!
In other news, we have moved! Hooray, I'm so glad it's all said and done.

We moved from this spacious little country home into a two bedroom apartment so that was fun (enter sarcasm here), but the move was actually fun and went smoothly.

Luckily, we have the greatest friends ever who drove 4 hours to come help us pack and move. They made the move so much fun and helped me keep my sanity. It was by far the most fun move we've made so far. We also had some family members come help on the other end and they were life savers as well! Huge thanks to everyone who helped us, you guys are the best!

Here's a few pics of our living room in the new apartment. Looks like Samson was pooped from all the hard work.
You know, I was nervous about moving into such a small space with all the junk we have, but I have actually really enjoyed it so far. We have a detached garage and two other small storage areas on site and we were able to fit everything in them just fine, we just have to get it all organized. Our plan is to live here for a year, while we find the perfect house to buy. I must say, I haven't lived in an apartment since my college days so it almost feels like we're back in college. There are tons of kids that live in our complex so there's always stuff going on. I'm excited about using the pool this summer.
We enjoyed our dinner last night on our balcony. As you can see, Samson enjoyed watching all the little kids run and play. Our balcony backs up to the pool and playground so there's lots of action going on for him to watch. We also have a dog park and a walking trail and we've already gotten lots of use out of those. I can already tell we are going to love it here!

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