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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Samson & Harris!

The weather was so beautiful outside today so I wanted to try and spend as much time outside as possible since it's my day off. I sat outside while the dogs played fetch this morning and I got my camera out and took some pictures of them. While I was uploading the picture onto my computer I came across some older pictures of them when they were puppies and it made me wish that they could still be so little and innocent, haha. Don't get me wrong they are both very well behaved dogs, but it can be hard sometimes living with two huge dogs indoors, especially since they both shed. I love having them around and they are like my little shadows. Everywhere I go, they are close behind.

Here is Samson the day I got him. Samson was a gift from my Aunt Jan on my 20th birthday. She got him for free from a friend at work. He is a full blood golden retriever, but he looked like a little polar bear when he was little because he was so white and furry.

That is Samson now!! He's such a sweet dog and loves to have all the attention on him. I love him so much!

Here is baby Harris (Trevor's dog). My mom's friend from work gave Harris to Trevor for free as well. He is also a full blood black lab (obviously). Harris is such a well behaved dog and he LOVES to play fetch.

Here is Harris now! Trevor and I will both have to get a new dog when we no longer live in the same house because they are both so used to having eachother and they are such great companions....they do everything together and they love to wrestle and play non stop!

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