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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Way Back Wednesday- Sabrina and Quincee

Since it's Sabrina's birthday week I thought it would be appropriate to feature her on this weeks Way Back Wednesday post. I know she is going to kill me for it, but how could I possible resist with all the great blackmail pictures I have on her? Sabrina will be turning 23 soon and I'm not sure exactly how long i've known her, but I think we were about 4 years old or younger when we met at church. I remember she used to have hair half way down her back and I always wanted to play with it, but she would get sooooo mad when I did. We were in choir, bell choir, sunday school, and youth together at McFarlin. Although we never went to school together, we have remained friends throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. She will always remain a lifelong friend. Sabrina, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! Thanks for always being such a great friend. Enjoy the awesome pictures, haha!

We used to dress up in my clothes and I would do our hair and make-up and then we would take our so-called "glamour shots" in the front yard....oh my word, I crack up everytime I see these pictures. I'm sure we thought we looked soo pretty too!!!
I'm loving the clunky heels with the dress and the sweater strategically placed over her shoulder. I'm sure I posed her this way and i'm sure she really didn't want to do this at all!

This was taken at Sabrina's sister's wedding.

This was on a choir tour trip to Canada our freshman year of high school. Check out my awesome hair. I used to braid it when it was wet and then take it out....WOW!

This pic was taken in Krakow, Poland on another choir tour during our Sophomore year of high school.

And here we are on Sabrina's 21st birthday our Junior year of college.

Dear Sabrina, please don't kill me for know you love it! Dear other friends, brace yourself because your blackmail post will come sooner or later. I have tons of pictures remaining. I'm so glad that I took all these pictures and that I found them because i'm having way too much fun with this ;)

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