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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Training Progress #4!

4 weeks down, 14 weeks to go!!

This past week I ran a total of 19 miles and it's still only the beginning. Here's a recap of my week.

Tuesday: ran 3 miles (duration of run: 28:11)
Wednesday: ran 4 miles (42:09)
Thursday: ran 3 miles (33:04)
Saturday: ran 9 miles (1 hour and 43 minutes, 11:10 mile pace)

As you can see, I calibrated my sport band on Wednesday and it shows that my pace is a bit slower than what I previously thought. It's hard to know exactly which times are accurate, but on Saturday I ran with my mom's GPS watch on and it's VERY accurate since it uses satellite. My mom rode her bike beside me on my long run. It made it so much easier. I felt pretty good afterwards. During mile 8 my right foot and ankle was causing me some pain, but after a while it went away and I haven't had any trouble with it since.
In my stocking at Christmas I got a lot of GU Energy and energy Jelly Belly's to use for training. Saturday was my first time to use the GU. You are supposed to take it 15 minutes before you workout and continue using it every 45 minutes, or as needed. Obviously, it is to be used during long, strenuous workouts. I decided that I would definitely need all the help I could get while running 9 miles. I tried the orange flavored GU and I'm not going to lie, I almost threw up. It's very thick and gooey and it tastes AWFUL, but it really worked! After I ran I ate a plate full of fruit and got a Jamba Juice with an energy boost for breakfast. I crave fruit a lot after running and I have to take a lot of hot baths to keep my muscles from getting sore. This week I will run 3 miles Tuesday, 5 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, and 10 miles Saturday!

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