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Wednesday, June 19, 2013



I apologize for being MIA here on this blog of mine. It is for good reason though. I will be a married woman in 10 days. It hasn't really sunk in yet. It still doesn't seem real. People keep telling me that it won't seem real until I'm actual arm-in-arm with my dad about to walk down the aisle.

My mile long to-do list is slowly dwindling down to less than 10-15 things left to do. That makes me a really happy girl. In all honesty, since the day I quit my job, I have woken up every morning at 8am and worked on only wedding stuff until at least 5pm. You might ask, what possibly could I be doing? Just trust me that there is a million little things to think about and do when you're planning a wedding by yourself and doing most of the decor by yourself. I am so ready to be married to Aaron and not have to worry/stress about another wedding to-do. Don't get me wrong, I have had a blast with all the planning and fun stuff, but now I just want to be with Aaron.

I am feeling really good and stress free. I have had a few "moments" of extreme stress that I might have accidentally taken out on poor Aaron. He has been so good throughout this entire process. For a guy who doesn't like, or get into the whole idea of having a big wedding, he has done a great job of letting me plan my dream wedding. I love that he is my voice of reason when I go overboard and get too involved in the whole "wedding" idea. He is constantly reminding me that none of it matters as long as we are married at the end of the day. That is all that matters.

We are both extremely excited about everything. We can't wait to see all of our favorite people together at once. We can't wait for our honeymoon. We can't wait to call each other husband and wife. We can't wait to live under the same roof. We went over the entire weekend schedule last night to make sure we were both on the same page. We talked about whether or not we would cry at the wedding. All signs point to yes that I will 100% cry. Aaron thinks that he might tear up, but that he will be too nervous to cry. Aaron is shy and doesn't do big crowds of people. When I told him how many were planning on attending the wedding, he said he was going to faint standing up there. Lets pray that doesn't happen.

My goal is to take time to soak in each and every precious moment throughout our wedding day. You hear people say that it goes by so fast and it's all a blur the next day. I don't want that to happen, although, I know I can't control it. I pray that I am calm, stress free, and relaxed. Come on 10 days. Hurry up. We are ready!

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  1. Precious! I can't wait to see you walk down the isle and marry the man of your dreams :) Love you!