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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Love Shack" Pinterest Ideas

I'm in desperate need of a break from packing so I've been skimming through Pinterest looking for ideas for the "Love Shack". We have made a pretty big dent in the packing department tonight. The living room, kitchen, laundry room, spare room, and bathroom are all done. Now I just have to do our bedroom and my closet which I am dreading. I think we will be ready to go by Monday!! 

Here are a few options I'm loving for the new house:

Kitchen wall color- Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

 I am in love with these light gray kitchen cabinets. I'm trying to decide between light gray or white cabinets. Our counter tops will be white so that makes me want to do the light gray, but then I can't decide what color would look best on the kitchen walls with the gray because I don't want to do just white walls.

I also love just the white cabinets with gold hinges and handles. I think it looks so light and fresh. I will have my farmhouse table, parson chairs, and bench in there. My dishes are mint green/blue and I will keep my current kitchen decor that incorporates a little black and gold. Which cabinet option do you like best?

I'm going to paint the living room walls Oatbran by Valspar. I think this color will match pretty darn close with our current couches and curtains. I'm also going to paint all the woodwork in the entire house white.

We found an inexpensive faux hardwood linoleum at Lowe's that looks similar to this for the living room, hallway, and maybe the kitchen floor. I can't decide if I want the kitchen and living room in the same stuff or if the kitchen needs to be something different.

I would also like to do some sort of tin/white ceiling tiles or a board and batten type ceiling because the current ceiling is bad and peeling off in places.

I love this color gray for our bedroom walls.

Or this green/gray color called Ancient Marble by Sherwin Williams. I have always wanted to paint a room in my house this color. 

I'm still not sure what colors to use for the bathroom and guest room. Not sure if we will make it in this house long enough to touch the outside, but I would love to paint the brick, put up shutters, and paint the front door. 

I've always wanted a yellow, mint, or robin's egg blue front door. Here is my inspiration:
 Wythe Blue
 Whipped Mint- LOVE LOVE LOVE
Not sure what color this is, but I love it!!

Who knows how far into this project we will actually get before we buy a house, but I sure am starting to get excited while looking for ideas.

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  1. I think that looks like a great house...I expect it to look like that when I come and see it :) Steph