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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites!

YAY for Friday! I'm counting down the days until next Friday when I will be heading to visit my wonderful fiance for an entire weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day! Today lets take a look at some of my recent favorite things shall we?
1. Favorite state: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!!!!
I currently have an obsession with all things Oklahoma. Maybe because in 5 short months, I will be moving to a new state. Every time I see something with the state of Oklahoma on it, I feel like I must have it so everyone in Arkansas will know where I came from. Don't worry, Arkansas is my 2nd favorite state and I do already have a few things with the state of Arkansas on it!
 I bought this postcard last week. I'm going to frame it and put it hang it on our gallery wall.
I thought this t-shirt was so cute and I couldn't resist.
I've got a pillow similar to this coming my way thanks to my awesome Sister-in-Law who makes these darling pillows.
I also bought this Oklahoma state's hard to tell from the picture what it looks like, but it's really cute.
2. Favorite stationary: TINY PRINTS
I love Tiny Prints! Occasionally, they will send a coupon to my email account for a free 10 piece set of stationary. I always take advantage of this promotion. I love my new stationary that they sent. I got to partially design it myself.
It's hard to tell but it's a pale mint green color (our wedding color) and that is pretty much my favorite color right now. Every time I see it, my eyes are drawn to it. This is the front.
And this is the back.
2. Favorite New Product: LATISSE
I went to a bridal show and entered my name in just about every contest they had. I never win contests...EVER! About a week after the event, I got a voicemail on my phone saying they drew a name and contacted the person, but never got a response so they drew a second time and guess what? I was the lucky winner of a 6 month supply of Latisse. WOOHOO!! I've never been worried about my eyelashes and how tiny and wimpy they are, but if you want to give me a free supply, SIGN ME UP...I'll gladly be a guinea pig. I had heard there were some side effects of using Latisse so I did my research before using it and so far I haven't had any issues. My eyes are a little dry and crusty when I first wake up, but after blinking and adjusting them for a few minutes they are totally back to normal. And no, my blue eyes have not turned brown.
I've been using it for about 3-4 weeks and I can already tell a difference. At work the other day, I was blinking and something felt really funny. It just so happens that the funny feeling was my eyelashes rubbing against the lens of my glasses...SCORE! That would have never happened to me before.
Here are a few pics of my results:
 My eyelashes without mascara after using Latisse for 3-4 weeks
And with mascara. I know they probably don't look like long lashes to you, but for what I'm used to, I can definitely tell they are growing and getting thicker. Sorry if my eye pictures creeped you out. Sometimes looking at eyes makes me queasy.
4. Favorite wedding accomplishment this week: OUR INVITATIONS ARE DONE AND PRINTED!!
I absolutely love how they turned out. Exactly what I had envisioned. Now if I can just start addressing them little by little. I've got plenty of time, but I'd rather do a few each night then have to do them all in one day.
Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!



  2. Jealous of your win xx