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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It- #12

Linking up with Stephanie & Katie for another week of SPD. I'm beginning to feel like this is the only time I blog, but I promise that won't be the case for long. My life has just been pretty uneventful lately.
Here's my Pinspiration:
Pinned Image
And here's my version:
Not near as cute, but I just worked with what polishes I already had on hand at home. They are still fun and festive for the holiday.
I also have a recipe to share this week.
Here is my Pinspiration:
Maple Banana Bars with Maple Butter Frosting
Pinned Image
And here is my version:
 Warning: These are seriously delicious, unhealthy, and easy to make. It tastes like a combination of banana nut bread with a maple donut......YUMMERS! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Happy Thursday, friends! Excited to see all the link-ups!

NOTE: If you haven't read my last blog post about my client's story, please please read it here:
and any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  1. your nails look better than the original pin! :)

    & that cake looks awesome!

  2. Your making me so hungry! The Maple Banana Bars look absolutely amazing!!

    Love the nails too. They are perfect.

  3. Wow - your nails look fantastic! Also those Maple Banana Bars look delish! I want some right about now!! New Follower!


  4. Your nails look better than the pin! :)

  5. Totally agree with the others on your nails, they look awesome! So festive!