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Sunday, April 21, 2013

If You Really Knew Me.....

......Then you'd know......
1. I have never had a broken bone, stitches, or a cavity in my entire 25 years of life. Knock on wood. I hope I don't jinx myself.
2. I attribute my lack of cavities to the fact that I am a maniac tooth brusher. I brush my teeth harder than anyone I've ever met. I also brush for at least 3 minutes and I can't stand in front of a mirror while doing it. I just recently started brushing my teeth in the shower.....two birds with one stone, right?
3. I have a line of freckles on my upper lip that look like natural lip liner, therefore, I wear lip liner everyday so it doesn't look weird.
4. The one thing I don't leave the house without is lipstick. It drives me nuts when girls don't wear lipstick with their makeup....I think it makes their mouth blend in with their face. Plus, it makes your teeth appear whiter.
5. I am a nervous sweater and it doesn't take much to make me blush (when I say blush, I mean my face gets bright red). It is extremely embarrassing to me and I hate when it happens. I can run into someone I haven't seen in a while and for some reason I will be drenched in sweat just talking to them...even if I'm not that nervous.
6. My lip quivers really bad when I cry and it is not a pretty cry at all. I also can't get a word out when I cry because I can't catch my breath. I get the quivering from my dad. We cry the exact same way. Aaron's younger brother witnessed the quivering last year, and now he calls me quiver.
7. I have a soft spot in my heart for Golden Retrievers. I've had three different dogs in my lifetime and all three were Golden Retrievers or mixed with some golden.
It must run it the family
8. I am a hairstylist and I'm scared to death to branch out and experiment with my hair. My hair is naturally blonde, but I do foil it lightly twice a year. I have a huge girl crush on Emma Stone and I secretly want to be her. Therefore, I really want to color my hair red! Maybe after the wedding.
She is flawless! I love her so much better with red hair.
9. I absolutely hate talking on the phone.
10. I am addicted to chips.....any and all flavors. I used to eat family size bags of chips in one sitting in college. It is impossible for me to eat a sandwich without chips.
11. If I could be anything when I grow up, I would be a wedding planner/photographer/hair stylist/owner of a store that provided all three in one.
12. When my friends talk about their friend "Quincee" to their other friends and I meet them for the first time, they are usually shocked to see a white girl. Most of them assume I am a black boy. How many times can you say friend in one sentence?
13. When I was a little girl, I could have passed as Chris Farley's twin sister. No lie.
14. My brother looks like Brett Favre.

Is it just me or are these pictures eerily similar? Same eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, face shape, hairline...everything!
And if you know my dad, does this picture not look exactly like him as a teen? CREEPY!
15. I own three pairs of maternity pants and no, I'm not pregnant. I accidentally bought a pair of maternity khaki canvas pants one time and I didn't realize it until I wore them for the first time. I thought they just had an elastic waist band like most canvas pants do. I fell in love with them and have since bought two other pairs. I haven't spent over $6 on any of them...I bought them all on clearance. I call them my fat pants and I wear them on days when I don't feel like messing with a button or zipper. Weird, I know.
16. I am the world's worst at geography and history. I made an unsatisfactory in geography in the 5th grade and I know as much now as I did back then....oops! I could write a book on the stupid things I've said about history and geography related things.
So how well do you know me? If you don't know me well, then you probably think I'm a little odd....and you're probably right.


  1. Oh man, I have SO much to say about this.

    I'm also a nervous sweater! I don't have any control over it, dangit!

    I am, too, in love with Emma. I tell Andrew I think we would be best friends.

    Talking on the phone sucks. I totally agree with you on that one.

    Ummmm, I've never seen that picture of you as a little girl and I'm so mad about it! I LOL'd.

    I've never made that connecting between Trevor and Brett Favre! I can't believe it! And your dad when he was young!!!!!