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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wedding Update!

We've gotten quite a few wedding things marked off the to-do list since my last wedding related post on March 1st.

1. We booked our honeymoon flight!! (Thank you, Sherry for your hard work and research) We will be leaving the morning after the wedding, but luckily we found a flight that doesn't leave at the crack of dawn so we won't have to get to the airport too early.

2. I bought Aaron's wedding band tonight. I'm very excited about this purchase. He helped pick it out and I definitely approve. I can't wait until it comes in the mail (I ordered it online) and I really can't wait to see it on his finger :)

3. My final dress fitting is this Saturday....eek! I'm so excited to see how the dress looks with all the final alterations and little details.

4. I finished addressing all the invitations today.....phew, what a relief. I'm so glad to have that done. Now we just have to tie the baker's twine around each invitation and put them in the envelopes.

5. My bachelorette party is next weekend! YAHOOOO!!! Seriously cannot wait to see all my friends. I know we're going to have a fun group of girls and hopefully a good turnout. I am in major need of some quality girl time :) Be prepared for a recap of the entire weekend when I return.

6. My first shower is coming up in 3 weeks and my second shower is in 4 weeks. I'm very excited to see everyone at the showers and to see what all the hostesses have planned.

7. I've finished hostesses gifts for my first shower and I'm in the process of working on hostesses gifts for the second shower. I have 7 hostesses for the first shower and 8 for the second so it has been a very tedious task making all the gifts myself. I'm so excited to give them their gifts because I think they're really fun! Can't wait to share them on my blog.

8. We have picked out one bible verse for the scripture reading and are still working on the second one. I also have to pick out one more song for our exit.

9. I finally finished going through all our old pictures for the reception slide show and I picked out all the songs for it so that is currently in the process of being made.

Here is a look at what is left to do on the checklist from now until the end of the month:

1. Decide on wedding favors. I already have an idea in mind, but if you have any suggestions, do tell.

2. Finalize songs and scripture readings.

3. Arrange for day of transportation....already have this in the works too (and it's gonna be fun :))

4. Decide on gifts for the little boys in the angel bell choir. Any suggestions from my cousins whose sons are in the wedding would be a huge help. I'm not quite sure what young boys of various ages like to receive as gifts.

Countdown to the wedding day: 86 days to go!!!!

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