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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"It's Mint to Be" Wedding Shower

First and foremost, let me just say that Aaron and I are extremely blessed with some amazing friends and family who have showered us with so much love since we've been engaged. We truly feel so lucky and we want to make sure our friends and family know how much we appreciate them and all they've done for us.
The hostesses for our first shower were made up of a group of very special lifelong friends.
Thanks for such a wonderful shower. Two of the hostesses weren't able to make it to the shower so they're not pictured above, but they were greatly missed.
The invitations:
The decorations:
 The cutest little mantel I ever did see. I love the "It's mint to be" banner.
 Baby picture collages.
 The fun door hanger. Can't wait to put it up at our house.
 The guest book table where guests wrote words of advice.
 The beautiful food table. YUM!
 Tea, punch, and lemonade.
So pretty!
The guests of highest honor:
 Me and my momma. She is the world's greatest and we've had so much fun wedding planning together.
 Me and my Maid of Honor. Don't know what I'd do without her.
 My aunt, me-ma, and cousin. Thanks so much for traveling a long way to come to our shower.
 Friends since the high school volleyball days. I owe these girls for letting the young, uncool freshman hang out with them ;)
 Two of my bridesmaids. We all grew up living on the same street for many many years. Please say a prayer for my friend Megan (far left) whose baby is trying to make way too early of an appearance into this world. She's not due until July, but she went into the hospital today because the baby was trying to come early. Please say a prayer that Emery decides to stay for a while and grow big and strong.....and pray for Megan that she remains calm and strong while on hospital bed rest. Love you Meg!
The prettiest sisters I know. Katie (on the left) is also a bridesmaid and I've known her since my sophomore year of high school when we were in cosmetology school together.
 Rachel and her precious baby. My mom used to babysit Rachel back when we were almost the size of her daughter. She is one of my oldest friends. Now we take a mother-daughter shopping trip every summer together. So many fun memories together.
 My brother's beautiful in-laws. My sister-in-law pictured on my left is also a bridesmaid. These ladies were my saving grace and helped me assemble and put together all the wedding invitations.
My mom played church league softball with these precious ladies back when I was just a pup and then they became my softball coach. Sweet friends.
My elementary school friends and their sweet girlfriends/wives. Beth (to my right) is also a bridesmaid.
 Opening gifts.
We got so many gifts off of our registry. We are totally set with everything we need to start our lives together. A big thanks to all our friends and family for the wonderful gifts. We can't wait to use them.
Hostess gifts:
These are the gifts I made for the hostesses. It's a chalkboard, cake stand, decorated wine glass, wooden spoon, and a dish towel. Stay tuned on Thursday for a Saw It, Pinned It, Did It post on these.

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  1. Love all of these pictures! Your shower looks so cute! Can't wait to see your SPD tutorial on Thursday!! :)