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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
#1. I'm loving how beautiful life really is. This past weekend two life changing events happened to two of my childhood friends. It makes me happy to experience this fun season of life with them.
Congrats to the new Mrs. Lunn! She was such a gorgeous bride and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed getting to explore Franklin, TN. Such a beautiful, fun place.
At the rehearsal dinner.
Remember last week how I asked for prayers for my friend that was on hospital bed rest because her little girl was trying to make an early appearance? Well, she had her sweet baby girl not only on Mother's Day, but also on her husband's birthday. How special of a gift is that? She is healthy and breathing on her own and she weighed 4lbs 10 oz and 18 in. Thank you, Lord!
When baby Emery was still in her belly at my bridal shower.
Precious Emery Ryan! Can't wait to meet her this week :) I love babies so much!
#2. I'm loving checking the mail everyday. We sent out our wedding invitations about a week ago and everyday since, there's been a stack of RSVP's waiting for me in the mail. It is so fun to look at them and see who all is coming to the wedding. On our RSVP's we included a line where people can write their favorite love song or song they love and that has been really fun to read too. I'm so excited to say that we've received 52 responses so far and not one of them has said they can't come.....WEEEEEEE! Makes my heart happy.
#3. This weekend we went shopping in downtown Franklin, TN. For the record, that is the cutest little area I've ever seen. I loved it and all the darling shops. I brought home a few souvenirs. One of them being an Oklahoma kitchen towel that I've been wanting forever. I showed my mom the towel and she just laughed. I thought it was kind of a weird reaction. Then, last night she gave me a gift that was supposed to be for a shower, but it wasn't ready yet. This is what it was:
The same Oklahoma towel made into an apron with our wedding date and my new name on the pockets. I am obsessed. Now I will really be reppin' Oklahoma as I cook.
#4. I'm loving the new jewelry that I bought this weekend as a souvenir. I love everything monogrammed right now.
 Q monogram earrings. What are the odds they would have a Q. I had to snatch them up.
My new last name initial. Can't wait to wear it once we're married.
#5. I'm loving that I will be in Vegas in 10 days...WOOP WOOP!
#6. I'm loving that Aaron will be here this weekend for pre-marital counseling with our minister. We are also making a road trip to Ft. Smith to see my host family and do prom hair and make-up for their not so little daughter. Can't believe she is a senior....scary!
Have a great Wednesday! Half way through the week :)