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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday #3- Flowers

Our florist was awesome. She created exactly what I had envisioned in my head. Not only is she a great florist, but she is the sweetest lady and extremely easy to work with. She is also the aunt of one of my best friends/bridesmaid. We met once to go over everything and look at pictures and that was it. All of the vases used were mine. I spent many mornings rummaging through garage sales to find them, but man did it pay off. They are currently still sitting in my parent's house so if anyone in the area is getting married anytime soon, we'd love to rent them out to you for a fraction of the price you can buy them/rent them from someone else.
My bouquet:
I knew I wanted a more vintage, wildflower look with soft, pale muted colors rather than lots of vibrant colors. There were a few flowers/plants that I'm in love with that I had to have in it, like Dusty Miller, Succulents, Scabiosa Pods, Lavender, Billy Balls, Garden Roses. It turned out exactly like I wanted it.
Bridesmaids Bouquets:
I wanted something really plain, simple, and dainty for the bridesmaids and I loved the look of solid Baby's Breath.  I was debating on solid lavender, baby's breath, or billy balls, but in the end we decided on baby's breath. I loved the way it turned out and I think it fit with the mint dresses and the vintage theme of the wedding. Baby's breath is also a plus because it's a lot cheaper....when you have 10 bridesmaids, you have to cut costs somewhere, right?
We decided to do something simple for the groomsmen as well. Aaron didn't want any big girly flowers so we picked a single Billy Ball and a Dusty Miller leaf wrapped in twine.
Reception Flowers:
 6 large vases filled with baby's breath
 Seltzer Water bottles wrapped in twine
Mason jars wrapped in burlap, lace and tied with twine. Seltzer Water bottles wrapped in Mint yarn.
 Loved these little yellow buds.
We borrowed these cute books from a friend. The small clear vase is an empty spice jar that I bought multiples of at a garage sale.
Didn't she do an awesome job?
You want to know what's the best part? I'm still enjoying my wedding flowers a month after the wedding. I've got them displayed in my bathroom, guest bedroom, and kitchen window sill.
It makes me smile every time I walk by them.
Stay tuned next week for: A Cancun Honeymoon!

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