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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Busy Bee!

Same story, different day....super busy and trying to keep my head above water...that's my excuse again for my lack of blogging. So far it's been a fun and busy summer. We are constantly going and doing. Our to-do list seems never ending. I'm thankful for that though.

I got to take a fun little weekend getaway last weekend to the Fayetteville area. I was photographing my college friend's wedding. It was a beautiful and sweet wedding. It was super fun for me because I stayed one night with one of my best friend's and her family. We got to do some shopping together before I headed to the wedding. My mom was a savior and drove almost 4 hours to be my "photography assistant". She never actually took a picture, but she seriously saved my life. She kept me on schedule, carried all my equipment, let me boss her around like crazy, handed me things when I needed them, and kept me sane. I couldn't have done it without her. We got to catch up while working at the reception and I would totally hire her again to be my assistant. After the wedding, we headed to my aunt and uncle's house and stayed with them for the next two nights. My cousin, Blondell met us there. We went shopping at the cutest antique/flea market store, had lunch with my college friend and her boys, sat on the patio at Jose's and listened to a live band and sipped on swirls, and had lunch on the lake the following day before heading home. It was the perfect relaxing and fun to catch up with everyone. I loved every minute of it!

A few pics from the wedding. 

 Daisies & Olives....the cutest store ever. If you're ever in the Prairie Grove, AR area, you must go.
 Dinner at Jose's.
Lunch with these cuties.

The only negative thing about the weekend was I dropped my favorite lens at the wedding and it fell pretty hard on solid ground and broke. Thankfully, I had a back up camera so it didn't mess anything up. I had to buy a new lens this week because I had upcoming photo sessions. I'm so excited though because I bought an upgraded lens and it's amazing how much better it is. I'm so excited about it. I was playing with it the night I got it and took this picture of our sweet pup.
He always lays just like this with his paw bent back and his favorite "ducky" never leaves his sight. It is so funny because he will not get in his bed until he finds his ducky and brings it to bed with him. It is too cute. 

This weekend we just hung out at home and played outside in the water. Saturday I floated the river for the first time with my friend, Jana. We rented kayaks and it was so much fun. I can't believe I've lived here an entire year and have never floated the river. I see many more float trips in my near future. It was so relaxing and we even got caught in a storm. We had to dock our kayaks and get off the river twice, but we did enjoying a little kayaking in the rain which felt wonderful. Today I went to the lake with my friend, her mom, and her little boy. We just laid out on rafts and soaked up the sun. My idea of a perfect weekend. Aaron has been working hard helping his friend out in the hay field while I stay busy with editing. He has got quite the farmer's tan going on. I'm pretty jealous about it. 

We've got lots of exciting vacations and weekend trips coming up in the near future. One is with my immediate family and my dad's side of the family, one with my in-laws, and one with my high school best friends and their husbands. Stay tuned for pictures and posts about those trips. I can't wait. 

We will also be celebrating one whole year of marriage this time next week. So crazy how fast time flies. 

Hope you are all having a fun summer so far!

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