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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What I've Learned in Our 1st Year of Marriage...

I am not a relationship or marriage expert, but here is what I've learned after being married to
Aaron for 1 year.
#1. Once you become married, no matter how long, you will be asked eleventy billion times when you're going to have a baby. Just be prepared, it will happen over and over again. 

#2. Laundry folding parties are fun. Aaron and I pile the clean laundry on the guest bed and then when it gets unbearable, we have a laundry folding party together. It's amazing how a big stack of clothes can disappear so quickly when there's two working on it. Samson gets on the bed and joins in on the fun and it's actually a time I have grown to cherish. Lots of great laughs and conversations have taken place during said parties.

#3. When one person cooks, the other person cleans the kitchen. This is a rule we have established. It works great for us. I especially like the rule because 9 times out of 10 Aaron will volunteer to cook just so he doesn't have to do the dishes. 

#4. Going to bed together at the same time is a huge priority and can make all the difference in the world. Even if we're both not tired, or we still have things to get done, we ALWAYS go to bed together. I believe it is a good habit to get in to. 

#5. Making a pallet on the floor, snuggling up with Aaron & Samson, eating popcorn & watching a movie is probably my idea of a perfect night. I can't count how many times we've done this in the past year, and it is definitely one of my favorite things. 

#6. Long walks with Samson are good for our souls. That sounds super cheesy, but I really do believe it. I love them. We are outside in nature, getting exercise, there are no distractions, no electronic devices, and there are always good long talks. It's where we get on the same our future planning, talk about important things, talk about how our day went, etc. Some of my favorite memories during our first year of marriage occurred on walks. 

#7. There are four things you can never over use in a marriage. Those four things are compliments, saying sorry, thank you, & i love you. It never gets old to me when Aaron looks at me during the most random time, when I feel like I'm looking rough, and tells me I'm beautiful. It also never gets old to me when I do something for him and he lets me know how much he appreciates it. For me, appreciation can make all the difference. Nothing makes me more mad than when I've done so much for someone and they don't even acknowledge it or say thank you. Don't forget to tell your spouse these things, and say them often.

#8. Dancing together in the kitchen or in the car will always lighten the mood and make you laugh. Aaron is not a dancer. I on the other hand, love to dance. For some reason, when I'm cooking, Aaron loves to come in the kitchen and either two step with me or booty bump. It will always put a smile on my face and make me laugh.

#9. Big burly manly men require a lot of food. A month of groceries for me is equal to a week of groceries for Aaron. I don't know how his mom kept up with feeding her 3 boys.

#10. There will always be some kind of season. When I was little and would ask where my dad was, my mom's response was always "what season is it?" My answer was either track or football season (my dad coached both). I totally get it now. Aaron has way too many seasons, I can't even keep up....turkey, deer, duck, fishing, hay, etc. Will they ever end?

#11. Creating and agreeing on a budget and a financial plan is a ALWAYS a good decision. It might possibly save you from wasting a bunch of time fighting over money. 

#12. Marriage is more FUN than it is hard. Everyone always says the first year of marriage is the hardest. I would have to say I disagree. Yes, it does take some adjusting and getting used to. You have to learn to be selfless and you have to put time and effort into it, but it is very rewarding and fun. I truly believe that my relationship with Aaron has blossomed and thrived so much more living here, away from all our friends and family. We were forced to rely on each other alone and when all you have is your spouse, you don't take that for granted. When we fight, we learn to get over it a whole lot quicker, because we have no where to run to. Marriage is a wonderful thing and I'm so lucky to do life with Aaron everyday. His sweet spirit and his kind, giving heart make it easy to be married to him. I thank God everyday for making him my husband. 

We spent our anniversary week in Red River, New Mexico at my family's reunion. It was an absolute blast and we enjoyed hanging out and spending time with my family. We got some quality alone time on our drive and we went out to dinner and a movie alone in Bricktown last night. We went to Kevin Durant's new restaurant. It was amazing and we will definitely be back. 
Our Wedding Day 2013 vs. Our First Anniversary 2014
There are a few traditions that we have started surrounding our anniversary. You probably will think it is cheesy and corny, but I love traditions and I think they're really fun and special. I once read a blog about a girl who's parents put their wedding dress and tux on every year on their anniversary (regardless if it fit or not) and danced in the living room to their first dance song. She said it is one of her most favorite family traditions and it is something she cherishes most about her parents relationship. After they danced, then they took a picture and put it in an album so each year you can see how they've changed and grown. I thought that was the neatest thing so Aaron and I have decided to do a few traditions of our own. 
Here are the traditions we've implemented:
1. Go on a trip somewhere different every year for our anniversary.
2. Dance to our first dance song.
3. Watch our wedding video.
4. Take a picture resembling our wedding picture and put it in a photo album.

Happy 1st Anniversary Honkie!! Here's to many, many more. Love you!

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  1. This is just the beginning of many many happy years:) You are so blessed to have each other and sounds like your first year is a wonderful start.... Happy Anniversary!
    Donna Richard