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Sunday, July 13, 2014

3rd Annual Family Reunion- 2014

A couple weeks ago we spent a week on vacation in Red River, NM for our 3rd annual family reunion with my dad's side of the family. Before I show you how much fun we had, let's recap in pictures the last 3 years.
 2012-Watonga, OK 
 2013-We replaced the reunion with our wedding in Oklahoma. 
2014- Red River, NM

Every year we make a family t-shirt and each individual family gets to choose their color. This year the t-shirts were a surprise to most because we had a little something special on them.

5 of my cousins turned 40 in the last year so we surprised them with a birthday celebration and a t-shirt with their baby pictures on them.

 While the old farts went to pick up the pizza we decorated the game room, put on our t-shirts, got the cake ready, and blew our noise makers. I think they were a little curious, but for the most part they were surprised.

This year we started a new tradition of having a family challenge. We split the family up in to three different teams and we kept score while playing a variety of different games. My family is super competitive so there was a lot of smack talking, practicing, and strategics going on.
These were the three teams:
 Gary's team
 Rex's team
and the coolest team....Bruce's team

We were scored based on these games:
 1. Baseball- Each team member got one pitch and you had to hit the ball to get a point. It was great because some of the kids smacked the crud out of the ball and some of the grownups whiffed it....not going to name any names. Aaron got up there and broke the bat and the whiffle ball. Way to go Aaron.
 Three legged pillow relay race.

 Egg toss. You should have seen how intense this game was. I honestly didn't know if the kids would make it through the first toss, but they were amazing and so good at it.
 Kennedy was pumped! Love this picture of her.
 Look at those faces.....they are serious about this.
Kaylee and I were the only ones that broke egg all over ourselves. YUCK!
 Golf in Angel Fire was also a part of the competition. 
This was the winning golf team.
 This was the blindfold football game. You have 3 people blindfolded. The first person snaps the ball, the second person has to set it up for the kicker and the third person kicks it. The only person allowed to talk is the coach who is not blindfolded. We timed each team and the team with the fastest time won. I think the winning team got it down to around 15 seconds. It was pretty funny to watch.

 Wheel barrel races.
 It was a pretty close race.
 Until Trevor and Colby fell.
 And tried to stop Justin and Steph from finishing.
We also played this really cool frisbee game. After watching this one, we are for sure going to buy the supplies to play at our next cookout. Everybody loved this game.
 We tallied up all the points and announced the winning team!
 They were so excited. The winning team gets to take home a traveling trophy with a plaque that has their team name on it. The team leader gets to keep it the entire year, until the next year when it goes to the next winning team.
Team Gary won...not quite sure how with the uncoordinated people they have on their team ;) Just kidding, but really they didn't even have faith in themselves when we announced the teams and they ended up winning it all...kinda funny!

We also swam, tubed down a mountain, rode go-karts, fished, opened Christmas presents (we do Christmas in July), rode a ski lift up a mountain, had lunch, and played frisbee golf. It was an absolute blast and I loved every minute of it.

Love my family! 

 My Me-Ma and her three boys.
 Me-Ma and all her great grandkids.
 Me-Ma and her grandkids. We were missing a few...sad you guys couldn't come. We missed you!
 So sweet!
Love my Me-Ma!

I'm so glad we decided to start doing a family reunion trip every year. It is always so much fun and I look forward to it all year. It's so hard for everyone to get together at once, but this has been the perfect solution. We are already brainstorming ideas for next year. So far, we're thinking Lake of the Ozarks, MO. Can't wait!

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