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Monday, July 28, 2014

If I Ever Get Back to Oklahoma, Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground.

I'm sure if you're from Oklahoma then you've heard this song before, but it is a favorite of mine because I love my home state of Oklahoma a lot. I am beyond excited to share some super exciting news. Aaron and I will be moving back to Oklahoma in 2 short weeks. Aaron got a job at a wildlife management area about 1.5 hours South of my hometown. We are ecstatic and so excited about this new adventure and opportunity. We found out today that Aaron starts his job in two weeks so mass chaos is about to ensue. We have so much to pack, we have to find a place to live, I have to find a job, etc. My brain has been going ninety-to-nothing with a million different emotions and I can't stop thinking about how huge my to-do list is.

And then I think about being an hour and a half from my family, my best friends, two and a half hours from Aaron's family, an hour and a half from the majority of all my college friends, and super close to a decent sized city and shopping and I just want to scream and jump for joy. 

And then I think how much I will miss Mammoth and all the wonderful friend's we've made, the beautiful scenery, the quiet and slow pace of life here, all the fun things to do outdoors, all my friend's adorable babies that I've gotten to watch grow, my wonderful job and co-workers that I love and will miss dearly, this precious little house that Aaron proposed to me in and the first house that we lived  in after being married and it makes me want to cry. 

We will miss this place and the people in it so much, but we promise to come back and visit often. Mammoth holds a very special place in our heart and we will never forget the wonderful year we spent here during our first year of marriage. 

If you asked us if we thought we would only stay in Mammoth for a year (well, two years for Aaron, but one for me) we would have told you no. Our plan was to stay here at least three years if not more. We always thought that when we decided to start a family, we would start considering making our way closer to home. No we are not starting a family or anywhere close to that yet. 

It is quite ironic that Aaron searched long and hard for a job prior to moving here and the moment we got Arkansas, potential jobs in Oklahoma started knocking at our door. There were a lot of interviews that Aaron turned down because we didn't feel like our time here was up. We weren't ready to leave yet and it just didn't feel right. The last call he got for an interview was right up his alley and in an area we both could see ourselves living and starting a family in. He said it just felt right and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to interview. We found out about two weeks ago that he got the job. I think it will be a job that he will love and do extremely well at. As far as myself, I have no clue what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep my options open and search hard for a good job. 

Aaron and I have spent countless hours talking about our future and where we will be in 10 years and where we will be living and working. Although we don't always see eye to eye on our ideal place to live (I'm a city girl, he's a country boy) we both agree that Oklahoma will always be home and no matter how much we have loved living in Arkansas, we have always missed Oklahoma and we are thrilled to be moving back. We are certain it is the right decision for us and there is way more opportunity for us to blossom and grow there.

This picture was taken almost two years ago on August 14, 2012....the day before Aaron moved to Mammoth and also the day before he proposed to me while moving into our rent house. Crazy to think that 2 years later, almost to the day we will be moving out.....tear ;(

We are looking forward to dinners with family and friends, holiday parties, shopping, a 24 hr gym, more places to eat out, and most of all we are looking forward to not having a 7 hour drive home!!!


  1. Just read this and your "love shack" blog. Skip and I have lived many places..and each one holds special memories. Blessings as you make this new place your home together. Sandy