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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September!

I am not sad to say goodbye to August and summer and hello to September and fall. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I'm always in a better mood, more motivated to cook, and I love to constantly be outdoors. I'm looking forward to all things pumpkin, football season, sweatshirt weather, and campfires!
Speaking of cooking....I've tried a few new recipes lately.
Mix and Match Mama's Taco Joes were a big hit. Aaron loved them. We had a ton of it left over so we used it the next night to make nachos. We will for sure be making these again.
The Pioneer Woman's Make-Ahead Muffin Melts. These were also very tasty, but I would probably go a little lighter on the mayo and mustard next time.
Ranch Pork Chops served with mashed potatoes and edamame. The glorious thing about these pork chops... they are made in the crock pot and require 3 ingredients. Sign me up!
And this is the recipe I'm currently drooling over and want to make next.
In other news, I got to meet this precious baby boy this past weekend.
We met his parents almost 9 years ago when we were freshman in college. Aaron played baseball with his dad, then they roomed together, he stood by Aaron's side on our wedding day, and now we get to celebrate the birth of their first son. It was so great to meet their sweet baby boy and to catch up with them. I took his newborn pictures and then we went to dinner afterwards.
 Isn't he perfect?
 They already are the best parents and baby Kylan is so lucky to have them!
So I have decided to longer do photography for the time being. I have been thinking and praying about it for a while, but I've come to the conclusion that I need a nice long break. I absolutely love doing it, but recently I just haven't had the time for it and it's like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and find time for editing. I think I'm just burnt out and the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is edit all night long. I dream of coming home and just getting to hang out with Aaron and Samson all night. I'm sure eventually I will start doing it again, but for now if you ask, I will be saying no. You have no idea how hard it is for me to tell people no, but the day I decided to hang it up, I got four people asking me to do a session and I was so proud of myself when I said no to all four! There's only one session that I have left to take and that's not until December and its a super special session for my best friend :) It feels so good to say that!
I'm also in the process of contemplating when to take my Etsy shop off of vacation. I put my shop on vacation back in June so I could catch up on my photography editing. Now that I'm done with editing, I'm trying to decide when I want to start that back up. I definitely think I want to keep doing it, because I really enjoy it, but I just don't want it to start taking over my evenings also. I think I may relax and enjoy fall and the holidays first. Chances are, I will get bored as soon as the cold weather hits and I'll be begging you guys to have a baby so I can make some things and take pictures, but until then I'm really going to enjoy having NOTHING to do (for once in my life).
These are a few of the items I made for baby Kylan.
We've got a busy September. I'm looking forward to a camping trip, a super fun wedding, celebrating Aaron's birthday, and much more! Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully with less stuff on my plate, I can find more time for blogging!

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