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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hooray for Fall!!

Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year. I love everything about it. I'm always in a better mood in the fall, I'm more motivated to do things in the fall, and I never want it to end. This week I worked on getting our house in fall mode. I don't have a ton of fall décor, just one measly tote full, but I love the coziness it brings to our home. We've got a fall bucket list in the works. We made one when we lived in Mammoth and we really enjoyed having a list of fun things to do throughout the season. When we decide on our bucket list items I'll post them to the blog.
I've already completed two things that will be on my fall bucket list. #1. Make a fun fall craft. We really needed a new door hanger/wreath for the front door and I found a plain wooden pumpkin for sale at Hobby Lobby so I decided to paint and personalize it. This project cost me a total of $9.
 #2. Make a new fall treat. I saw these white chocolate pumpkin snickerdoodles on Pinterest and I decided to make them this week. They were very rich and tasty!! Aaron gave his approval and said we will be making them again! You can find the recipe here. Pretend like mine look as pretty as theirs.

Here's a few pics of my fall décor.
 Traded the hydrangeas in for wheat.
 Can't wait to snuggle up and watch movies when the weather gets cooler!
 I got the painted pumpkin fence art this weekend. Look how pathetic my monogram pumpkin looks. It got just a tad faded while in storage. I'm going to have to freshen it up with a coat of paint.
 I got this cute scarecrow this weekend. Now I just need some hay, pumpkins, and mums for the front porch!
 By the front entryway
We got this pretty centerpiece as a souvenir from our friend's wedding last weekend. We found the perfect home for it on our fireplace!
 I added all my favorite things about fall to the chalkboard and swapped my spring flowers for little white pumpkins.
And here are a few of my favorite fall finds on Pinterest:
Skinny Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino with only 67 calories. You're saving a TON of money and calories making it at home!:
Did you count how many times I said fall in this post??? Way too many times. I'm just a little excited. Aaron's family will be in town all weekend! We are going to celebrate his birthday with a yummy crab leg dinner (his choice), watch lots of college football on Saturday and eat snacks (also his choice), and just enjoy time spent with his family. Looking forward to it!! Hope you guys have a great weekend :)

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