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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We Bought a House!!

I'm so excited to finally be able to say that we are officially homeowners!!! WOOHOO! It only took us moving every year for 4 years to figure out where we finally wanted to settle down and call home. We cannot wait to get all moved in. The house is older and it's definitely a fixer upper, but it had great bones and I can see some major potential in it. We have 1.2 acres and a pond with a cute little bridge and island and Aaron has a storage shed for all his hunting/fishing gear. I'm so excited to be able to put our touch on it and make it our own. We already have big plans for the house. We want to paint EVERYTHING, get new floors, paint the entire outside including the brick, etc. I will make sure and keep the blog updated as we get projects completed, but I just wanted to share all the before pictures here so I can come back to my blog and see all the work we've done. If I'm MIA for the rest of the summer, then you'll know why and yes my side businesses will be taking a back seat for the time being.


 This is my philosophy on the wood paneling....paint it white and you've got shiplap going the wrong direction....who said it's any less cool that way? HAH!

 I spy someone already fishing!!



  1. Woohoo!!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to visit.

  2. Hope one day I can come over!!!