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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I had such an awesome weekend. It was filled with Aaron's graduation, spending time with his family and mine, a graduation party with his friends, and a Christmas party with my friends! Here are some pictures from the weekend: Receiving his diplomaAaron and his familyAaron and my family Congratulations Aaron...i'm very proud of you!

Aaron was able to come back home with me and attend the Christmas party. It was a lot of fun! I was impressed that ALMOST everyone dressed in their corny outfits. The party was complete with lots of great food. We also played dirty Santa...I'm proud to say that I received a shake weight as my gift haha!
Lance's outfit was pretty good, complete with a cigar, eggnog, corny sweater, turtleneck, and an AWESOME comb over! He looked pretty classy.

So one of the main things on my Christmas wish list this year was the Nike Sport Band. Since I will be training for a marathon, I figured running equipment and gear would be a good thing to put on my list. Compared to all the other running watches and measuring bands, this one was fairly reasonable. However, I soon learned that in order to use this particular band, you must have the Nike running shoes that hold the pod in the sole of the shoe. Therefore, nix that idea because I didn't have the Nike shoes and I wasn't about to ask for both. Well Aaron said the other night that he wanted to go to Academy to get some Christmas shopping done. I was tired and didn't want to go so I let him go by himself. He came back all excited and said he really couldn't wait to give me my gift and he wanted me to open it NOW. I was SOOOOO excited when I saw what it was. I also felt bad that he spent so much money on me...I did not want, nor expect him to spend that much money. I told him he shouldn't have done it and his response was, "I wanted to because you're worth it." Isn't he so sweet? And yes, I must admit, he does a good job of spoiling me. I'm so excited to try out the shoes and the Sport Band. It tells you your distance, pace, time, and calories burned :))


  1. Seriously! You just earned big awesome points, Aaron! I had such a fun time at the Christmas party and it looks like you had a fantastic weekend Quin! :)