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Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Engagement Pictures!

First of all, let me say this...... when it comes to photography and taking pictures of couples in love, I am obsessed! Just ask my friends and college roommates. I used to spend hours on the computer (wait, I still do) just looking at random photography blogs and swooning over adorable engagement/wedding pictures. To say I had done my research on photographers prior to getting engaged is probably an understatement. To me, photography is one of the most exciting and fun parts about the whole planning process. Therefore, I couldn't hardly stand the excitement about taking our engagement pictures. Here's what you should know:

1. We took our pictures at 8:30am and we woke up to frost and freezing temperatures. Thankfully, it ended up being the PERFECT day for pictures and we didn't even really get cold.

2. Aaron was ready for pictures to be done and over with. He was sick of trying on outfits and worried that he would look awkward in pictures. He was a trooper and looked so handsome and natural! He kept whispering silly things to me so that I would really laugh in the pictures. He even admitted after we were through that he had a lot of fun taking the pictures and it was much better than he expected. I'm glad he enjoyed it too!

3. The photographer, Shirley Kay Photography is seriously the BEST! Obviously, I didn't expect anything less because I had done my research. She picked out the three locations and I absolutely loved each one of them and had never been there before or seen pictures taken there before. She was easy to work with, made both of us feel super comfortable, and we got the edited pictures back to us in 2 days!! That's crazy fast. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone in the area. Aaron even asked me after we took the pictures, "Are you sure you didn't know Shirley before hiring her to do our pictures because I feel like you guys acted like you've known each other for a long time?" She even came in to get her haircut by me the next week which was really sweet. All of this to say, we LOVE her, loved her work, and it makes me that more excited about bridal portraits and the wedding :))

So without further ado, here they are:

Okay so I sat here forever trying to upload all the pictures and it took forever and now I'm having some technical difficulties so if you're interested in viewing them all you can follow this link:
Have a Happy Monday!!

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  1. They are all so amazing! So happy for you, Q!