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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'll admit, I do enjoy Valentine's Day. It's not my favorite holiday and we don't go all out by any means, but I still really enjoy it because I get to spend quality time with Aaron. We used to have a rule that we could only spend $20 on each other and it had to be handmade, but we no longer do that anymore. This year we agreed for it to be just a card and a date night. We wanted to save our money for something cooler than flowers and chocolate. I'm kind of an odd girl. I love flowers and I love to have some fresh ones sitting on my kitchen table, but if you're going to spend $60 on something, I'd rather it not be flowers. Am I weird for that? 

Anyway, I couldn't just get Aaron a card. I tried really hard, but I had to make him a little treat to go along with it. I woke up at 6am with him yesterday morning to make him blueberry muffins for breakfast. Little did I know, the guy is not a huge fan of blueberry muffins.....oops. Wife fail. You learn something new everyday right? 

After we had breakfast together, we opened our cards and gifts. This is what I made for Aaron:
 I cannot take full credit for it though. A friend at work made something similar to these with cokes to sell to the school kids. I hadn't ever seen anything like it and I just thought it was too cute. A perfect little candy treat. She told me how to make them so I thought I'd give it a try for Aaron.
I wanted to make it a little more manly, so I used his adult beverage of choice and added some beef jerky and all his favorite candy. 

Aaron got me some yummy smelling perfume and a cute little bear with 2014 on it. He wanted to get me something sentimental with the year on it so I would have something to remember our "first married Valentine's Day".

After work we went on a dinner/movie date. We saw Endless Love and we both really liked the movie. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day. 

Hope you all have a happy Saturday. It looks like the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and we have absolutely NOTHING planned. So nice. I'm going to frolic in the sun and take the pups on way too many walks...and I might even do a few crafty things :)

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