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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yummy Smoothie Recipes

I've been making a lot of smoothies lately with my Ninja Kitchen System (blender, juicer, and food processor). I've tried out a few new recipes this week that I really like and wanted to share. I use the smoothies as a meal replacement for dinner. I have been using my Arbonne protein powder in the smoothies so I get all the nutrients I need. It is amazing how full these make me.

Coffee Protein Shake
For this recipe you will need:
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder
-1 scoop chocolate protein powder
-1/2 frozen banana
-1 cup brewed coffee
-1 cup unsweetened almond milk
-2 handfuls of ice

Blend all the ingredients on high for 1 minute.
 I use the Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee because I'm not a huge coffee fan so I didn't want it too strong. I also use the Silk Almond Milk.
 The Arbonne protein shake mix. Seriously, the best shakes around. It is well worth the money.
And voila! Enjoy!

Orange Dreamsicle Protein Shake
For this recipe you will need:
-2 scoops vanilla protein powder
-1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
-1/2 cup water
-3 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
-1/2 frozen banana
-1 tsp honey
-5 ice cubes
-1 tsp orange zest
This one was really good!!! Be sure you don't put too much orange juice concentrate in it or it will be way too potent. It tasted just like an orange dreamsicle!

For some reason, after working out, I always crave an orange or orange juice. Aaron and I were both really craving orange juice last night after our workout, but we didn't have any. We only had a bag of oranges. I decided to use my Ninja to make some homemade orange juice. We used 3 peeled oranges and a handful of ice. It was so refreshing and good! We will definitely be making homemade orange juice more often.

I have been pinning a bunch of smoothie recipes and I can't wait to try them all and share them with you. If you have any good recipes, please share!

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