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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Accessory Blog Swap!!

The accessory swap was the last swap I participated in during the holidays. I had so much fun doing all three swaps. I discovered three new bloggers and have enjoyed exchanging gifts with them and reading their blogs! Jenna was my partner for this swap. Just like all the other girls, she did a great job and I loved everything she sent me. Here's what I received from Jenna: Hair accessories!


Thanks so much, Jenna! Hope you enjoyed the swap as much as I did.

I'm hoping Jenna has received her gifts....If not, I hope this post doesn't spoil it for her. I'm pretty sure they should have made it to her by now. Here's what I sent Jenna:

A watch!



Nail Polish!

Thank you, Jessica for hosting the Accessory Swap! If you're interested in seeing what everyone else received from the swap, you can check out her link up party here!


  1. Oh my!!! I LOVE that watch! I hope you bought yourself one too. Jenna picked out the cutest head bands. That chain one just made it to my want list!

    THank you for signing up, Quincee! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope to see you in on the next one!

  2. Yes I received my package! I absolutely love it! I've been sooo sick lately that I haven't had a chance to post my reveal yet. I will get it up soon. I'm glad you loved your stuff as much as I loved mine! Thank you! :)