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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throw Back Thursday: A Look Back on 9 Years of Christmas Parties!

In lieu of this weekend being our Annual Corny Christmas Sweater Party, I thought it would be fun to look back on years past. I enjoyed scrolling through some old pictures to get to these. The Annual Christmas Party is one of my favorite traditions and I hope it continues on for many, many more years. Enjoy the time hop/throw back!
According to my picture documentation, 2006 was as far back as I could remember. I believe this was our first year to do it. We were seniors in high school and we had the party at my best friend's parent's house.
Not sure if this was 2007 or 2008...This was the only picture I could find. All I remember is that we had it at Beth's apartment and we got in trouble for being too loud while playing the game that electrocuted/shocked you. Somewhere in between 2007 and 2008, Alli hosted the party at her college house in Edmond. I don't have pictures documenting that one either. I just remember that Santa and his elf came :)
The first and only year that the boys hosted the party at their college apartment. This is the only pic I have from this year.
I hosted it at my brother's house when I moved back from college.
Lance and Brandi (the newlyweds) hosted the party at their house.
 And this was the year of the mustaches. Not sure why, haha.
Beth hosted again at her house. This wasn't a fun party at all, can't you tell?
Alli & Matt hosted it at their home. I was living in Arkansas at the time, so you can imagine my sadness when I saw this picture. I hated missing out.
We hosted it at my parent's house. We weren't about to have a party at the Love Shack so thankfully my parents let us use their house.
The year of the face coasters.
We don't ever have any fun together.
This year we are hosting it at our house and we are so excited to have everyone in town. SLUMBBBERRRR PARTYYYY!!!! Stay tuned for pictures...I'm sure we won't have any fun ;)

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