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Saturday, February 5, 2011

DIY Cake Stands!

(source: tiny prints)

I've been seeing a lot of fun DIY cake stands around blog world lately. They seem very easy to make and they look so cute. I've always wanted a wide variety of cake stands so that you can use as presentation pieces when you host parties and such. Basically all you need to make your own cake stand is a candlestick and a plate. I found a bunch of really cute plates the other day at TJMaxx and I couldn't resist buying them, after all the price tag was very appealing. I'm planning on making all three plates into cake stands, but I haven't found the perfect size candlesticks yet. I want some of mine to be taller like the above picture and I want some to be short. I also haven't decided what color to paint the candlesticks.

Plate #1- I thought this plate would make a really cute all white cake stand. I love the fun detail along the edge. I'm planning on painting the candlestick bottom of this one white, I just hope I can match the white color perfectly.Plate #2- I love this cute plate. I figured it could be used as a stand for my friend's upcoming baby shower. I'm thinking about painting the candlestick a fun turquoise or green color...what do you think? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Plate #3- I liked this plate mainly because of the shape, but I also really like the color and the design too. Not sure if I should do a solid white candlestick or a green color. Help please!

I'm planning on venturing out to find candlesticks sometime this weekend and I'll hopefully have them done by the end of next week. I'll make sure and post after pictures!


  1. I would do green with #2.

    I think a brass candle stick would go great with #3!

    can's wait to see the end results!!!

    : )

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