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Monday, February 14, 2011

Training Progress #7!

7 weeks down, 11 weeks to go!

I'm so thankful that all the snow has melted and that I'm finally able to run outside again. I was able to get all my runs in this week, although I put my long run off until today. Aaron came into town this weekend and we had things planned and running 12 miles didn't really fit into that plan. I decided to run today on my day off. Aaron rode his bike beside me the whole way. He started getting sick last night and was very congested and had a really bad sore throat. He thinks it might be allergies/sinus fun. I could tell he didn't feel good AT ALL, but he still rode 12 miles with me.....he's such a trooper. Here's a recap of my running this week:

Tuesday: ran 3 miles (duration of run: 28 min 46 sec)
Wednesday: ran 6 miles (59:57, thanks to my friend's Sabrina and Rachel for coming to the gym with me and being great running buddies, they did an awesome job!)
Thursday: ran 3 miles (27:57)
Monday: ran 12 miles (2 hours, 4 mins, and 45 secs, 10:57 mile pace, 1,155 calories burned)

12 miles was absolutely brutal....toughest run I've done to date. It was extremely windy today and running against the wind killed me. I guess it was good practice though. The thing that bothered me most today during my long run was my right foot falling asleep. It fell asleep around mile 7 and continued to stay numb throughout the last 5 miles....NOT COOL! I get extremely cold after my long runs and I don't ever warm up until I get a hot bath in. When I say hot, I mean H-O-T.....I barely turn on any cold water. I knew I was really exhausted after my run today because I fell asleep in the bathtub afterwards and I've never done that before. Thankfully my long run is over and now I can start worrying about this upcoming week. I will be running 3 miles Tuesday, 6 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, and 13 miles (that's a half marathon, YAHOO) Saturday. Wish me luck because I'll for sure need it.

Having a sick boyfriend on Valentine's Day= no fun. We've had a change of plans for tonight and we'll be staying in and ordering pizza and watching a movie. Fine by me, I just feel really bad for him because he's pretty upset about it. Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day!

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  1. sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

    usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup ( ) which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.

    i hope it works on you as well.