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Monday, February 21, 2011

Training Progress #8!

8 weeks down, 10 more to go!!!

Today I ran my first half marathon!!!!! I didn't technically run a half marathon race, but I ran 13 miles today for my training.....and I ran it alone. I didn't have my usual friend, mother, boyfriend there to ride their bike beside me. I was pretty nervous about how that would go because I feel like it's so much easier when someone is there with you. It ended up being just fine. I took 3 Ibuprofen before I ran because I was afraid my right foot was going to really bother me and I think it did the trick. I didn't have much pain in my foot at all and I still don't. I'm sure it will be sore in the morning. Thankfully the weather was a bit cooler today. I think that made the run SO much easier. Here's how far I ran this week:

Tuesday: ran 3 miles (duration of run: 31 mins, 8 secs)
Wednesday: ran 6 miles (58:04...thanks to my best friend Alli for running with me.)
Thursday: ran 3 miles (27:14)
Monday: ran 13 miles (2 hour, 10 mins, 1 sec, burned 1,222 calories)

This week I will run 3 miles Wednesday, 7 miles Thursday, 4 miles Friday, and 10 miles Monday. I'm thankful for a shorter long run this week because after that it only keeps going up :(


  1. Good for you! Wow, I am so impressed!

  2. That was from Steph :)