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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy, Busy, Bee!!!

This week is going to be ULTRA busy, but filled with TONS and TONS of exciting fun stuff! I'm super excited about it. I'm sure none of you really care about my plans, but I'm going to tell you anyway because I think they are worthy of mentioning!

Monday I'll be attending a Matrix color class in the city all day. After the color class, I'm meeting my best friend Allison to go on a 20 mile run. She's so graciously volunteered to ride her bike beside me! That's really not a very exciting day, but it will definitely be a long, busy, tiresome day.

Tuesday I'll be back in the city again for another Matrix CRAFT color never can get enough continued education. I'm excited to learn some new things! After the color class I'll head in to work and then when I get off work I'll be on my way to DALLAS!!! Yup that's right....ROAD TRIP! My best friend Marcus will be in Dallas for work. He recently moved to Seattle and I've missed him oh so much. Since my friend Stephanie and I have Wednesday's off we decided why not road trip to Dallas to see Marcus. While he's at work on Wed we will go shopping and do fun girl stuff and then we'll all go to dinner and hang out Wed night and we'll head back early Thurs morning.

Friday after work my best friend from college will be here....and her boyfriend will be coming along too!!! YAHOO!!! We are going to the Josh Abbott Band concert at Wormy Dog with my brother and his fiance Ashley! If you haven't heard of the Josh Abbott Band before you must go listen to them now. Once you hear them, I promise you will fall in love. I don't know a lot of their songs, but two of their songs are my favorite songs out right now. You can check them out here and here. CAN'T WAIT!

Saturday is my birthday party at a super fun 70's dance club in OKC. They play a lot of disco music and songs from the 70's and 80's. I've been once before and it was absolutely hilarious. We danced the night away and had so much FUN! Hopefully there will be a good turnout and hopefully some of my other good friends from college will be in attendance!!

Sunday is my actual 23rd birthday!! We are celebrating with my family at my parents house when I get off work. Yeah, I have to work on my birthday....YUCK!

Then, the next weekend is Easter and I'll be doing something fun and exciting then..can't say much about it right now, but I'll make sure and tell you all about it after the fact.

And the next weekend after that is the big MARATHON that I've been preparing for since December 27th......yup that's 5 months. Let me tell you, it's been a LONG 5 months and I'm so ready to cross that finish line and be done with it. I think there will be a pretty good fan section of family and friends at the race. I'm curious to see how emotional I'll get when I cross the finish line. I cried the first time I ever went to watch the race when my mom ran a 3 mile leg in a relay. I can only imagine that if I cried then, then I will for sure cry when I run the full marathon. We'll just have to wait and see. Hope I don't get too choked up that I actually hyperventilate and lose my breath, haha!

.......and because all posts are better with pictures I thought I'd share these. They are somewhat relevant to the post.Allison and Jeremy. Yup, those are their excited faces to come see me and go to the concert :)

My best friend from college, Allison!

My best friend Marcus...the one I'm going to visit in Dallas!
Last, but certainly not least.....I only hope that this is how skippy and cheery I'll look when crossing the finish line. I'm afraid it will be much worse. Matter of fact, I KNOW it will be much worse. If it's anything like the picture that was taken of me during the triathlon then we are in trouble. See picture below.
My mom couldn't resist purchasing this picture because if you haven't already noticed I'm wearing my bicycle helmet backwards.....OH WOW! I'm so smart. Pretty much everyone gets a kick out of it. Lets keep our fingers crossed that I can be more poised in the marathon pics because I will probably cherish them for a long time!

If you're still reading this, thanks for staying with me throughout the whole post and being somewhat interested in what's been going on in my life lately and what all I'm looking forward to. I'll be posting pictures shortly after all these events occur. Hope everyone else has a fabulous week!




  1. AH hahaha I LOVE your backwards helmet photo and I'm super excited for your oldies birthday! Groovy's is a hoot! You are going to have a great week!

  2. i'm glad i got to be a part of your monday adventure...but i sure do wish i had wednesday off & that i could be at groovy's :( sorry friend. I will for sure be there in spirit & i will def be seeing you on your actual birthday!! have a good week!!