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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We're getting in the Christmas spirit at my parent's house and at Aaron's house. Just wanted to share with you our Christmas trees and decor! Last night Aaron came over and we had a taco dinner with the family, put up the Christmas decorations, and watched "The Help"....complete with ice cream and popcorn. It was a relaxing, fun night! The Christmas tree at my house. It is a very sentimental tree....all the ornaments are either hand made by someone in my family or given to us as a gift. All of the ornaments have our initials on them and the year we made them. It makes it really fun to put them up every year and look how old they are......and there are a TON of them!
This is by far my favorite ornament on the tree. It is always purposely placed front and center. This ornament always gets quite a few laughs. It was made by my Sunday School teacher when I was in the 2 year old class. I was really fat and resembled Chris Farley ;)
This was my "first Christmas" ornament. If you look closely, you can see my name and birth year are engraved in it.
The mantle with all our stockings and Christmas cards. Every year my mom hangs a string across the mantle and displays the Christmas cards with close pins. I always love getting Christmas cards and displaying them so we can see.

I took my little tree that I used in college over to Aaron's house so he could enjoy some Christmas spirit. We had a good time decorating our first tree together. It was easy and didn't take long at all...that's my kind of Christmas tree.
Aaron getting all the limbs attached and separated
Putting on the lights

I love trees that have a color scheme and have matching ornaments. Some day I want an all white, gold, and pearl tree to put in my front window!

This makes me happy :)
In the bag of ornaments, I found this little Lions pom girl. This was given to me as a gift by my pom sister, Amy. Even though it doesn't match the other ornaments, Aaron and I both had one so we decided to put them on the tree anyway. I love this ornament because it will always remind me of the UAFS pom squad days :)
Aaron's personal ornament was this antler ornament. My mom bought it for him last year and it is very fitting.

Hope you guys have a great week!!



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